Monday, October 03, 2005

Spanish lessons and tight jeans

Wow, New England convention and fall. How weird that life continues without me around. (Um, self-centered much?)

Sorry for the dead air there, I was very lazy over the weekend and didn´t make it to the internet place. (Yes, I have internet in my hostel, but you have to like get the person and have them start it up, and again with the laziness. I prefer this one place in the center where it´s never crowded and doesn´t have sketchy guys standing outside trying to get you to use it. Just the one guy who appears to work here 24/7 and is probably amused by the large quantity of time I tend to spend here. Although right now I´m feeling my personal space slightly invaded by the 6 businessmen crowding around the computer next to me... not sure what's going on there.)

So, what have I been up to? I started taking Spanish lessons, which is going well. It´s weird to be a student again. Yeah, I know I just took that course this summer but it was all about us teaching and reflecting, not so much actually being a regular old student. Again, I´m totally amazed at all the Spanish I have managed to pull up... I´m pretty much fine with all the grammar and I can easily carry on a conversation with my teacher, or whoever, as long as it´s one on one. It´s the more complicated situations, like trying to figure out what´s going on when a group is talking amongst themselves, that are tough. Plus it would be nice to speak more accurately, and with a better accent and such. Wait for it...

What else is up here in Quito? More walking... fortunately my hips have adjusted to this form of transport. For the first couple days I was really feeling like Watson, except without the pain pills! It´s not like I´ve never walked before... Must be something about hilly towns that my poor midwestern joints can´t handle... remember park city KT?? I´ve also been enjoying a bit of shopping... I really enjoy the fashion here, it´s very pants and sweater centered. The only fashion crisis I´ve encountered is that there doesn´t seem to be a single pair of jeans in the entire country undiluted by spandex. Seriously. These people wear their jeans TIGHT. And severely low riding. I´ll keep you updated on my denim quest. And one more fashion commentary - Quiteños dress for the situation, not the weather. Since the weather is pretty much always the same. Over the weekend, despite the exact same sunny skies followed by thunderstorms, the young folk were out in force with their cute little skirts and such. Very amusing.

Alright, next step is to actually find a place to live, and eventually a job. I´m totally on it, I swear.


  1. Rebecca,
    Aren't you proud of me? I did not give in to the maternally motivated paranoid thoughts that plagued me since your last blog....4 days ago! ("did she disappear? is she sick? in a coma? kidnapped?...") I'm delighted with your reports about Quito and Quitenos (sorry, my keyboard doesn't have the cute Spanish n) and laughed out loud at the spandex comment. More! More!

  2. Ha, of COURSE I remember Park City. Good times. And I thought I'd seen the last of cities built on the vertical sides of mountains when we left Utah behind... my bad. Just walking from my house to R's, I can easily climb about 200 stairs... and that's just part of the journey...

    Don't you wish you were watching Lori McKenna on Oprah right now? I know I do.


  3. Can you send me a pair of those tight jeans. I'm a 34x32!