Monday, October 17, 2005

A spoon and hangers

I guess I must be living here since that was the extent of my shopping list today. The hangers for obvious reasons, since I finally unpacked and am about to pick up my laundry. The spoon is for my lunches. Since I pushed back my Spanish classes a bit later in the afternoon, I´ve been able to "almorzar" (I love how spanish prefers the specific "to breakfast", "to lunch", and "to sup", as it were.) at CENIT. While it´s not exactly a 5 course meal, the free lunch for the kids is infinitely healthier than anything in US schools. They always have rice, some variation on a hearty beany vegetably soup (i benefit greatly from their lack of funds, as the soup is always vegetarian), and some type of cold vegetably thing that may or may not contain meat (friday was carrot salad, today was something shrimpy.) With fresh juice for desert. And the food is really good. The part that reveals the poverty of the place is that there are never enough spoons. There are generally enough dishes to go around, although the kitchen staff are constantly collecting them and rewashing them... the plates are never dry. I´m guessing they used to have enough spoons but they got stolen or something? Anyway, the volunteers get to eat there for free but we wait until the kids are served and then serve ourselves in the kitchen. (And wash our own dishes.) So there are NEVER any spoons for us. So, genius that I am, I am going to bring my own spoon. (I made it myself... out of a larger spoon...)

OK, enough about me and my spoon. I should start paying attention to the news... my mom says there was crazy flooding in New England? Everyone ok? Any fun stories?


  1. The rain is over, the rain is over, the rain is over and gone! Now Rose of Sharon is in your head. Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

    Are you at all familiar with the cartoon character, the Tick? I believe "spoon!" was his battle cry. His sidekick the little Moth-man's battle cry was "NOt in the face! Not in the face!" Ah, good times.

    What the hell. I figure I can't be any more random than Dan.

  2. Ha ha... NO ONE'S more random than Dan.

  3. Actually, in point of fact, Dan is getting to be downright predictable with his "comment"s. I think the prize on this one goes to Linda!

  4. ps, damn you linda!!!!! rose of sharon really is in my head. this is unacceptable.

  5. I was born a Mahoney, and I'll die a Mahoney.

    (Though I guess if I had to Marry Richard, I'd presumably change my name to Dan Mahoney Lee.

  6. That's the greatest compliment I could ever receive.