Thursday, October 27, 2005

Time to put an end to this lard madness

To recap:

Joe Juneau and Richard Harris brought 20 pounds of lard with them, for which they paid $4.00 in 1880 money. Which, for those of you who are wondering, is worth $79.21 in 2005 money. Don't you wish you got to create educational activities based on an 1880 grubstake list?

First prize for closest guess goes to Jenna, second prize to my mother, third to Stu. Winners will all be rewarded handsomely, though not - I'm sorry to say - with guns. Or gun racks.

(Really, Stu, do you think your daughter would EVER deign to speak to me again if I provided you with a deer-foot gun rack to hang in her room?)


  1. $80 worth of lard. Holy shizzle.

  2. They got ripped off. I went to Doug's Discount Lard and got $300 pounds for only $99.95

  3. See my comment on previous post re: my strict no gunrack policy. (Which KT nicely anticipated. Thanks buddy.)

  4. "...daughter would EVER deign to speak..."

    pronounced DANE or DINE?