Monday, October 10, 2005

Vacation´s over

OK... so following up on the many conversations I had yesterday...

1) After exclaiming over the lack of rain for a number of days that I had even lost count of, before I left the comfort of the internet/phone place it had started pouring like nobody´s business. And today it decided to continue catching up on lost time, with an unexpected early thunderstorm that happily coincided with my long bus commute. Go rainy season. My teacher was saying how thunder and lightning is more intense since we´re at such a high altitude, which I never thought about but makes a lot of sense. It´s so crazy to be inside in the middle of a crowded mall and hear a giant thunderclap like it´s right next to you.

2) Again, I had to go on about all my free time and how I´m just taking it easy here. Well, today I checked out CENIT, the center where I want to volunteer. Starting tomorrow I´m going to volunteer from 9:45 - 12:15, plus there´s extra meetings and stuff sometimes during the week. On top of which, it´s a 45 minute commute now since I just moved north and the center is all the way south, and I either have to walk a decent way to the other bus line, or transfer at some point. So it goes.

3) As if that weren´t enough of my precious time, I think that whole waiting for awhile before I look for a job thing just went out the window. My landlady is really on me to teach english to her daughter and some friends. That´s how in demand english teachers are here... people seek you out. Pretty much whenever you tell anyone that you want to teach english here they ask you if you would give individual lessons, because they know so-and-so who would be interested. I wasn´t really planning on it, but I can´t exactly turn down an easy job like teaching this girl and her friends... it would be like one hour a week or something, for her and maybe 3 friends, and they would each pay me like $3 an hour. As someone who suddenly seems to exist solely to spend money, that would be pretty sweet. Of course, now I´m kicking myself for not stocking up on more English teaching material, since I thought I could use what the school I end up working for has and build on that. But it ought to be fine, I think these girls want more practice speaking and whatnot and won´t be too sad at the lack of grammar exercises. Well, we´ll see if this actually comes together.

OK, I´m supertired for some reason so I´m going to go home, heat up some leftovers, and break out the dvds. Tomorrow I´m back to being a working girl! Except without the actual being paid thing... what´s up with this volunteering business...

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