Friday, November 18, 2005

1 word: mangoes

So, my blogging frequency has slowed a bit since I've been busy with what is becoming the same old same old... lots of commuting between english jobs and cenit. The apartment is working out really well, all my roommates are really chill and enjoyable. And they just keep coming... we're up to 7 people now. Sara, her two cousins, 2 other roommates, me, and 2 boyfriends. one cousin and boyfriend were on vacation until yesterday, and they're leaving after a week. So they'll probably be crashing in one half of the common room, which is clearly meant to be a dining room but is currently occupied only by the ironing board. The crush of people is partly my fault, as I moved in a bit early, before other roomates are leaving, but they were happy to oblige and I have my own room and everything. And then once people leave I get to move up the medium room, which has a closet and fancier plugs so that I can actually purchase electronic equipment such as a tv. Very exciting.

Because the schedule at cenit got switched around a bit, I usually go directly to the market to meet the kids rather than meeting at cenit first. This is very exciting because I actually have a chance to poke around and purchase produce. Which I haven't done very much of because most of my shopping is done at Supermaxi (Yes, someone really should have warned the owners of the biggest supermarket here that he's probably infringing on the trademark of a feminine hygiene product, but so it goes.) and I can't bring myself to purchase more produce than bananas and onions since there is so much beatiful bounty at the markets. Plus I would much prefer to patronize the nice women at the market where I work. Yesterday I finally arrived early enough to haul home a huge bag of mangos and avocados home with me. Each for a dollar. Oh my lord. I'm so glad I came around to the loving mango side of things, because boy am I in the right place. And the avocados were like butter. Swoon.

Speaking of markets, tomorrow I'm heading off to Otavalo (finally) with Sara, who is a very experienced shopper judging from the amount of stuff in the apartment, which is exciting. I can't believe I'm buying christmas present already! Of course they've been decorating for xmas since halloween, or earlier, since they don't have a thanksgiving timed holiday to pretend to wait for. And as for that wonderful all-american holiday, the benefit of living with a bunch of midwesterners (plus jenny, from bristol, uk) is that we are going to host our very own big thanksgiving bash. I'll make sure to bring the cranberry sauce. yum. I'm sure some pictures will result from that, so I can reward your sucking up mom.

Un buen fin de semana a todos!


  1. Mangoes and buttery avocados! Ooh, my mouth is watering. May have to start seriously planning our visit down there. Or perhaps I should say up there, given the altitude. Or just say "there," to be politically/culturally correct.

    I do look forward to photos!

    And I wasn't sucking up, just being a mom.


  2. ummmm the fact that i snickered at supermaxi for a good three minutes (even before you pointed it out) adds to the mounds of evidence suggesting i am in fact an eleven-year-old boy.

  3. No kidding, and the best part is that Supermaxi like OWNS ecuador... the name is everywhere and they sponsor everything. And they have an even bigger store with clothes and such, ala target, which is called MegaMaxi. Cue more snickering.

  4. Did you say mangoes and avacadoes? My favourite fruits and vegetables?
    (don't bother arguing with me about the veracity of my claim that an avacado is a vegetable)
    Now, by "bag", do you mean ziploc size? Grocery size? Garbage bag size?????????

  5. I can only assume that Ecuadorian Rebecca uses oversized novelty bags for her mangoes.

  6. Like, regular grocery store size. for ex, i got 9 mangoes for a dollar. Excuse me while I go home and gorge myself :)