Saturday, November 26, 2005

And it burns burns burns / the ring of fire

We went to see "Walk the Line" last night which was SO GREAT. So great. I've been vaguely obsessing - is my wont - about the movie since yesterday. I was prepared to be highly skeptical about Joaquin and Reese doing their own vocals, but oh my gosh, they were unbelievable. Such wonderful singing, such wonderful acting, such a good good movie!!! If you miss out on it down in Quito, Cita, we definitely have to watch it in March. So great!

Oh right, and happy Thanksgiving. We had giant delicious Thanksgiving dinner with Alysia and her boyfriend and her housemate and his girlfriend and her brother and his wife (So. Many. Couples.) and got the weather forecast from Alysia's boyfriend, who works for the weather service; he promised us sun and snow this weekend, and damned if he wasn't right. Yes, my friends, after ten days and 15+ inches of rain, the skies have temporarily cleared and my coat has temporarily stopped being wet and smelling like mold. Mmmmm. For that, among many other things, I am thankful.

Public Market is this weekend, which is a giant holiday market wherein crafty people from as far away as Anchorage come and set up booths in Centennial Hall, and there's strings of lights and food vendors and piped-in carols and homemade soaps and knitted hats and a bazillion different people selling beaded earrings, and in short it's just like every other holiday market everywhere, but no less enjoyable for the fact. Tonight we're going to see Alysia in the annual burlesque show, which promises to be good times with more partial nudity than ever before. And then tomorrow I get ANOTHER day off. How delightful!

I hope everyone spent Thanksgiving with people they love, and I'm getting very excited to see lots of you in three weeks and two days!




  1. thanksgiving AND walk the line????? I'm so incredibly superjealous.

  2. walk the line walk the line! my co-worker keeps singing lines from the soundtrack, and by the day i'm getting more tempted to purchase the soundtrack. such surprisingly impressive vocals (sorry to rub it in, r)!!! k- i am SO excited to be seeing you so soon, and to continue our marathon. ;)


  3. ps i realize i didn't explicitly state that the movie itself is really fantastic. look forward to it, r.


  4. Don't worry rebecca, it's even better this way. I'm jealous that you're still a walk the line virgin. Just like I'm reading the harry potter's for the first time now.