Thursday, November 03, 2005


Ah... the sweet smell of money. Or the potential for getting money, as it were. I picked up my ATM card today, thanks to my gracious mother for sending it super-speedily. Which #1 proves that my system for getting mail and even packages actually works. (hint hint) and #2 means that I can follow through on my plan, just hatched over coffee, to head to the market town of Otavalo with my British friend Stephanie this weekend. We've both been kicking our heels in the deserted city... everything's shut up for the holidays this week and everyone has gone away on vacation. Including the family i'm living with... they just up and left without telling me! I woke up yesterday and everyone was gone and their bedroom doors were all padlocked. Not that I'm complaining... I definitely have taken the opportunity to cook elaborate meals while singing along to my wmshc recordings. I just think it's a bit odd, particularly as they have a dog who they seem to have just abandoned in the yard. I've been feeding him some scraps, so I guess he won't starve. My apartment search has stalled a bit due to the holidays... the Indiana girls didn't pan out, since they don't actually have an opening until December. I found some other good listings, but haven't heard back since I imagine everyone is out of town. Sigh. Meanwhile my month with the fam runs out on Monday. Of course I won't be put out on the street, there's 5 million hostels, and stephanie said I can crash with her as well. I just want to be settled already. OK, I'm getting kicked out of the SAE club with free internet, since they're closing early because, what else,... the holidays! I'm going to buy something chocolatey to fill my constant craving, ever since I got to quito. My fellow volunteers agree that they all share this craving... something in the mountain air? most likely the pollution. Anyway, I'm calling it reserach, working on trying out all the chocolatey products so that I can send the best ones to y'all. My favorite right now is a Nabisco product called ChocoSoda... soda crackers covered in milk chocolate. Mmm, salty and sweet. OK I'm really kicked out. Chocolatey love to you all.

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