Saturday, November 26, 2005

Double feature!

Once again, both Katie and I have decided to grace the blog with a new post on the very same afternoon. (That's right, keep scrolling for more alaskan weather reports and holiday excitement.)

I have exciting news!

1) We are currently preparing to host our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. The menu includes roast chicken, veggie casseroles, mashed potatoes, apple pie, cherry pie, and probably some other stuff I don't remember. And, thanks to me, sweet potatoes that I bought at the market yesterday (se llaman camotes, if you were wondering), and the traditional can shaped cranberry sauce. Mmm. By the way, when I say "we" are preparing, I meant Jennie and I both went shopping today. Sara, Tasha, and other assorted friends went to the bull fight today! The festivals of Quito have been going on for a week or so and end up on the 6th of December in huge parties with fireworks and whatnot. Like the 4th of July. The bull fights at the Plaza de Toros are a tradition for these weeks... I declined the offer to attend quite heartily, as you can imagine. Though, I have been amused by another tradition for the Quito festival, which are chivas. Chivas are basically these big open buses that people rent out, and basically they drive around the city blasting loud music while the people hang off the side and drink. Just another in the long list of Ecuadorian customs that would be so incredibly illegal in the US.

2) I also celebrated the harvest in my own special ecuadorian way yesterday... it's hardly possibly to buy fruit in small quantities. At the market they mostly sell you preset batches of fruit for $1. And as I mentioned before, $1 buys a lot of fruit here and it all ripens at once. So yesterday I had to face my bag of tomates de arbol (see my picture for reference.) They are more of a pain to process than other fruit becuase they have all these tiny little seeds like tomatoes, but they're harder and you don't really want to eat them. So fortunately we have an awesome blender to rely on. A couple hours later and I had not only a very full stomach, but also a pint of juice, but a liter of blended yogurt and a jar of makeshift tomato de arbol/mango chutney to go with my indian food. Pumpkin pie has got nothing on that.

3) Ok ok, now for the ACTUAL BIG NEWS!! I officially bought a ticket back to the US in march! Ostensibly to arrange a work visa, so they can't complain that I'm taking a vacation at a non-vacation time. Coming into Chicago March 2nd and flying back here March 21. With a nice trip out east in the middle, which will hopefully squeeze in two tuesdays in addition to wmshc :) I'm enjoying Quito, but I can't wait to see all of you and eat fabulous organic food that won't give me tropical diseases and breathe non-polluted air.

4)In response to those generous souls who have inquired as to what I might desire in a holiday care package... All I'm craving is:
- organic/natural granola bars (kashi and trader joe's are my favorite brands... just no raisins please!)
- music! I didn't bring all my cds, so my supply is a bit limited, and the big ricky martin posters at the tiny little cd store chain here don't exactly bode well.
- if you're feeling really indulgent, you could pick up some tv show dvds for me, since my buffy and lost dvds have served me well but I'm wearing them a bit thin.

5) One last announcement. As promised, here is my house phone number: (593) 2-243-4437. It's easier to get me on my cell phone (593) 9-474-8420 but it might be cheaper to call a landline. Llamame!


  1. No one else comments. I guess they just don't care about you anymore. You're yesterday's news.

  2. I LOVE all the news from Eduador; it is so "today". Dan, you are a monster! N (The one who USED to be Dan's mom, but now doesn't know him.)

  3. Can I be the son you always wanted?

  4. If I were you Dan, I'd get my butt to Trader Joe's and buy all the non-raisiny granola in sight, and send Rebecca a humbly repentant care package. But then, apparently I'm much nicer than you. Sweet.

  5. I don't know about the granola, but i'm still waiting on that count chocula...