Monday, November 21, 2005

Hard rain's a-gonna fall

So by the end of the day we will have gotten 2-3 inches of rain. JUST TODAY. That's NOT EVEN TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the fact that it's been pouring buckets mercilessly since Friday. FRIDAY.

Fortunately, I've thus far managed to avoid drowning by coming home after work last Friday, putting on my pajamas, and not emerging from either house or pajamas until this morning. On the up side, I started and finished three books this weekend. On the down side, it's depressing as all hell. We've been told that this is the time of year, after it gets dark all day but before it actually starts snowing, when everyone in Juneau goes insane and stir-crazy. Now there's a shocker.

Goals for this afternoon: buy myself waterproof shoes that don't involve 10 minutes of lacing and unlacing every time I want to put on my rain pants, try to talk Richard out of going to the planetarium because it involves too much walking in the rain, get sushi at Seong's because it involves almost as much walking in the rain but it's SUSHI so who cares, make it to the bus without getting washed out to sea, get from the bus stop to our front door with the same objective, put on dry clothes, figure out how I can never go outside again.



  1. You should come home to Haydenville where it never rains and Watson is ever so cute!

  2. I recommend that: Lock up the silverware. Buy those special lite bulbs. Reread books about tuscany behind drawn curtains. Eat more sushi.