Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hey! It's my favorite American holiday!!

But I'm in Quito. Right. Well, I don't get to share my thanksgiving with the bridges or the mahoneys, but fortunately it can still involve lots of eating. I made my morning class tell me what they were thankful for, and i fed them cranberry juice. The thing I was thankful for was that my crazy new student didn't show. Oh wait, what's that I used to tell the Homeroom kids non-stop? Your positive thing doesn't count if it's something negative about someone else? Oh well, scew them. Ok ok, I'm thankful for all of you wonderful people out there who love me and put up with my rambling :) And mangoes, and shapenote singing, and buffy. And other wonderful things that don't spring to mind at the moment. My evening class (for this guy who is the president of a pharmaceutical company here, and when I go I get all ushered through a million doors and offered beverages and such) canceled, which means a) that I still get paid since he canceled at the last minute, and b) I can kill time in this internet place and talk at all of you. I'm across the street from the indian place I am meeting my roommates and the rest of the english teaching gang for dinner. Not the most traditional thanksgiving, but it's really a goodbye dinner for the roommate who is going back to nevada with her fiance tomorrow. Poor Angie, she's missing thanksgiving at home, but leaving before our big dinner, which is scheduled for sunday. We figured it would be a good idea to push it back to a day when we weren't working all day and could actually cook. I did have a pumpkin muffin this morning, courtesy of Sara and her baking-from-a-mix frenzies. And ironically I think I ate some turkey for lunch. There was definitely something in the soup at cenit.

And now I'm off to eat curry! Special thanksgivingy love to everyone.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Rebecita and KT and their loyal readers!! Hope your Sunday feast is wonderful, R. Miss you. <3B

  2. feliz dia de las gracias. or something. work on that plane ticket. xo