Friday, November 04, 2005

¡Mas fotos!

So I figured that I had better a) actually post the pictures of my house before I move out (assuming I can find an apt before monday, meanwhile I'm going out of town for the weekend... heh) and b) take advantage of this free time, since I have yet another day off from CENIT and will probably start working soon. If mr. director guy gets back to me ever... i hate how everything just stopped for the holidays and I have shit to do but sit around and wait for people to call me.

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Also, I realized why my mom's attempt to call my cell phone didn't work. When you call internationally and the city code begins with a 0, you omit it. Hence my number dialed from the USA should be 011-593-9-474-8420. Hopefully I can get my voice mail up and working this afternoon... for some reason it isn't working and I have to go to the service place. Then tomorrow it's off to Otavalo to the market!!


  1. Can I still be your resident hairdresser even if you *have* learned to braid your own hair?

    Have fun on your weekend trip!!!

  2. Buenos dias rebecca. Encantado. Mucho gusto! Que es? Es coliflor. Coliflor? Si, coliflor.

  3. I was very disappointed when I realized the picture "Look katie" was not, in fact a picture of Katie!

    Is Rico a real person or is he just a mexican blog spammer?

  4. Pienso que Rico es un espiritu.

  5. I think that´s richard showing off his random new spanish vegetable vocab. Even I didn´t know how to say cauliflower. Very impressive. But for the love of god drop the rico.

  6. Having been subjected to repeated conversations involving those seven phrases, since they're the only ones he's learned so far from the learn-Spanish CD he's borrowing from his coworker, I can assure you that "Rico" (um, please don't encourage him by calling him that) is indeed a real person.