Wednesday, November 02, 2005

tell the repo man / and the stars above...

Yesterday I was supposed to meet R after work, and he made the grievous mistake of agreeing to meet me at the downtown library. Since I get out an hour before him, this left me more than ample time to check out five books (I was only prevented from choosing more by forcibly walking over to the video section). Which, added to the stack of unread library books that I checked out of the Douglas Library last weekend, brings me up to a grand total of ten. And that's not even counting the five unread books that I either brought from home or bought at the used bookstore here. And the sick part is, I'm only posting right now because I have an hour to kill before yoga and I'm pretty sure that if I left work early I'd go back to the library and check out MORE books. I think I'm addicted to picking out books. Now, don't get me wrong, reading them isn't that bad either... but MAN do I love picking out books. I think I need help.

Tomorrow morning at 7am (stupid time difference... this never used to happen when I only deigned to associate with people in Eastern Standard Time) I have a phone interview with the Austin Children's Museum. Don't get too excited - it's for an unpaid internship on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. But the fact that I'm applying for slave labor makes me very mellow about the whole thing; the most stressful part of the whole operation will be making sure I've actually been awake for long enough to produce coherent sounds by the time they call. But it involves leading educational workshops for kiddies and Girl Scout sleepover groups and such, which sounds hugely fun. And I felt like I needed some little thing to anchor me to Austin, so that I actually go... I was worried that I'd get all discouraged about finding a job and an apartment amongst the huge influx of Katrina refugees, and that I'd just take the easy way out and not go. And I WANT to go. I'm just not that good at having blind faith in everything working out. So if I get this position, then I'll be obligated to move to Austin, and once I'm there I'll be obligated to find work and a place to live, and that makes me feel better. Somehow.

I have a few more miscellaneous pictures that Christina took that I'll get around to putting online one of these days. In the meantime, happy Halloween, and dia de los muertos, and so forth. I'm a little bit in shock that I only have 6 more weeks here. Yikes!




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  3. You no my stance on slave labor. Just say no!