Thursday, December 15, 2005

As my days in Juneau are winding down, I feel like I should be reflecting on What I Learned or What I Did During My Alaska Vacation. But instead I'll just tell you about what R and I have been up to for the past couple of weeks, since I clearly don't have anywhere near enough perspective to figure out what I learned. (Well, okay, I know I learned a FEW things, such as facts about salmon and hi-tech outerwear. And I can say "frog" and "shark" in Tlingit. And don't even get me started on hard rock mining...).

We've had a few things that have nicely come full circle to close our time here. Like way back in July, we were invited to dinner by this couple who went to college with a guy R worked with last year; R's friend gave us their phone number, and we called them up soon after we arrived. Then we proceeded to neither see nor hear from nor contact these people for the next five months. But suddenly out of the blue in early December, I bumped into the girl at my yoga class. So we started chatting, and made a date for the four of us to go see "SantaLand Diaries" (very mediocre performance, which did nothing to improve my David Sedaris ambivalence, though I certainly don't hold him responsible for the loud, in-your-face actor with the unfortunate Gene Wilder hair) at the Island Pub. Also, we had a museum farewell potluck for R and myself at the home of one of my co-workers - whose house is pretty much the first place we went in Juneau, since she invited us to her 4th of July party 2 days after we arrived. And so forth.

It doesn't feel very holiday-y to me here, probably because it's been so warm (high 30's to 40's for the past week or two... don't you wish you were in cozy Southeast Alaska right now?). I'm never going to survive December in Texas. (More to the point, I'm never going to survive JULY in Texas!!!!!) The city's been rather festive lately, though, with such offerings as $25 helicopter rides over the Valley to look at everyone's Christmas lights. (I'm half-tempted. Sssh, don't tell.) We've also managed to fit in numerous movies since "Walk the Line," as we've discovered that our new favorite thing to do is sit around and eat popcorn.

Which brings me to today! I can't quite grasp that this will be my last weekend here... if you want an Alaska souvenir, you're running out of time to demand one! I think I'll be able to wax much more eloquent on Juneau once I've left, so I won't try now. But if any of you flatlanders are ever thinking about visiting Southeast Alaska, YOU SHOULD! and I can give you plenty of reasons why.

Looking forward to seeing you all...




  1. Katie, your unexpected and delightful lard-guessing booby prize - er, I mean consolation prize - arrived Saturday and is now gracing the one tiny spot remaining on our refrigerator. Thanks! And as soon as you get to beautiful sunny Austin, be sure to email us your address because I have an important item to send you that will enhance your sojourn in Texas (or at least make you laugh).

  2. Sorry Rebecita, but I was just bursting to say, I GET TO SING AND THEN HANG OUT WITH KT IN TEN HOURS!!!!!!