Monday, December 12, 2005

Back to being a choir nerd!!

Just had my first rehearsal with the choir at theUniversidad Tecnológica América (UNITA). Going there this morning I was a bit nervous, particularly since I wasn't sure exactly which choir I would be singing with or where to go. (Eugenio directed 2 choirs at the festival and neglected to tell me which one he meant, and just gave me an intersection and a time.) Fortunately there was a big sign for UNITA visible at the intersection, and I managed to go in at exactly the same time as Eugenio. The choir itself is pretty small, maybe 20 people tops if everyone was there. They're all really nice college aged kids who don't seem to look at me like the weird foreigner. I chatted with them easily and had no trouble understanding any of the directions or anything. In fact, as for the singing part I more than held my own... they all seem to be good singers, and I don't think they do it for credit, but they aren't particularly on top of technique or sight reading or anything. We had less than an hour to practice before they had to leave to give a little concert, and we were locked out of our room at the beginning. (As you can imagine, a university with technology in the name doesn't exactly give tons of priority to its choir). We pretty much read through 2 relatively easy SATB (actually here, it would be SCTB...I'm a "contralto"!) christmas songs (in spanish), and though I think they had practiced them before I was easily doing as well or better than them by the 2nd or 3rd time through. And I'm pretty rusty at the whole choral thing at this point. I've really been missing it, even with all the sacred harp singing. I'll admit that I got really emotional just doing the warm ups. Anyway, I'm feeling good, the choir is good but not so good or so big that I don't feel like I'm contributing. And, most importantly, the director is really professional and nice and doesn't seem too crazy or anything, which is a rare combination in that line of work. AND, I think I am probably going on their random trip to the Oriente (the eastern rainforesty area of Ecuador) this weekend! Yay choir trips!

Since I have no classes today (my new evening class is already on a business trip in Mexico) I'm off to plan for tomorrow and to finish putting together my holiday packages and christmas cards for y'all! Due to popular demand, I've posted my mailing address here over on the right sidebar. Hint hint :)


  1. Way to go, Rebecca! Knowing how much you love singing, I'm delighted you made this connection. And now that you're going to the rainforest, I can't resist the parental urge to say "didn't we tell you it was a good idea to get those shots?" Take some photos!

  2. um, but aren't they all sols?