Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The beauty of wireless

Quick rebecca trivia quiz.., what's my favorite sound in the whole wide world? I bet katie and richard can answer it... that's right..,. the sound of new email showing up in my inbox!! I just got to hear that sound for the first time in 3 months!! Thanks to the wireless internet at this fancy mall. It's superfast, free, and a 5 minute bus ride from home. I'm in heaven. In addition to downloading email I was able to easily upload the 50 pictures I've been meaning to post from all the holidays this month, so you can check those out. The first album goes all the way back to the fiestas de quito, and the second is a christmas pictorial.
I promised to give you the details of what turned out to be a Very British Christmas.,.. all the American teachers here are either home or their families are visiting, which left me and 4 brits. (Becky, from Wisconsin stopped by for a bit as well.) Upon reflection I realized this was my first christmas without my family, and it actually turned out to be superfun! It was really nice to put it all together ourselves. Jennie and I cooked for a few days beforehand, and brought over our bounty along with our microwave, dishes, and silverware to the bachelor pad. The boys actually cleaned up the place impressively and even cooked up some chicken and veggies. What is a very british christmas you ask? Well, apparently it involves the queen's annual speech (the only thing missing from our celebration), way too much food, lots of games (charades, etc), and watching movies on the bbc. To substitute that last part, Matt put together a traditional line up which included James Bond and Monty Python. Check out the pictures for our christmas crowns. All of this went on for about 12 hours, at which point us girls had had enough of the worlds MOST uncomfortable couches, and could not stomach one more movie or one more calorie.
In other holiday news, I've been lighting my incredibly makeshift menorah, and plan to make latkes for the gang sometime this week. Everyone is extremely unemployed this week... I have zero classes, jennie has 3 hours, etc. Jennie and I are actually taking off to spend a night in Mindo tomorrow, which is just an hour outside of Quito but has lovely scenery, a butterfly preserve, clean air, hammocks, etc... just the recipe for relaxing and avoiding dirty dirty quito. For once I think my traveling plans will not actually fall through. Then it's back to quito for new years, and hopefully a january of nonstop teaching to compensate for the last few months of nonstop cancellations and holidays.
Well, I'm going to head home to watch the millionth dvd of the week... gotta love pirated dvds for $1-$2...

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  1. Wow - thanks for the multitude of fascinating photos. (But how come the bachelors had a real Christmas tree and you girls made do with a paper one?) The Christmas feast extravaganza surpasses even the Bridge family get-togethers! Nice to know that our long-ago Christmas in Australia was such a valuable introduction to cross-cultural fluency. Can you top all this with a New Years Eve celebration?