Saturday, December 24, 2005

¡Feliz Navidad!

This is the most surreal christmas eve ever. I've been out of the country for christmas several times, but all were with my family, and we always had a tree and everything at home earlier. At least we've had a bit of a cold snap the past week... you should have seen everyone freaking out when it hit 8 degrees centrigade during the day. (about 45 degrees farenheit... ha!) There's no sign that today is a big holiday... everything seems to be open and people are walking around going about their usual business, albeit with a lot of santa hats. this is especially bizzarre because in ecuador they have the big celebration today, on christmas eve. Jennie and I (3rd roommate sara is back in st. louis for christmas) have been doing our best to get into the holiday spirit, budget style... we've got an ecuadorian tack worthy christmas shrine in the unused portion of our living room, complete with a paper tree that i made and stuck on the wall. There's a paltry amount of presents under, thanks to our generous friends and family! We've also been wearing out the cheesy free christmas carol cd one of jennie's friends got in the newspaper at home and sent her. Thursday I had TWO christmas parties... a hilariously bad christmas pageant style event at cenit, and my first real office christmas party, at the experiment... exactly what you would expect, a posh sit down dinner that degenerated pretty quickly into drunken dancing to bad 80s music. It was pretty fabulous. Tomorrow we're celebrating at the boys (there's 3 guys from the experiment who live together, just as the 3 of us girls do) apartment since they have a real tree and we already hosted thanksgiving. Of course, since bill is also back in the us and matt and giles are pretty high up on the bachelor scale (aka they use the entire apartment as an ash try, and the last time i checked their fridge literally contained one beer and a bowl with remnants of old rice), jennie and i will be picking up the slack in terms of cooking, and bringing our microwave and dishes and everything. oh well. I'll have a post-christmas update with pictures for you soon I hope! I have 3 hours of class next week (if he doesn't cancel) and no choir and no cenit, ... my bank account is sad, but my schedule is free at least. I hope you all have wonderful american christmasses full of snow and family and friends and football and whatnot. Love to everyone.


  1. father christmas12/24/2005 5:44 PM

    A paper tree? Katie and I went for the real thing this year....a small hemlock branch presumably gathered from the yard. Not to mention our inexplicably ridiculous "menorah"....but I won't get into that.

  2. You're too late, my mother already spilled the beans about our menorah consisting of a packet of graduated-size electrical adapters with matches taped to them. I don't think she mentioned that there were only 6, though, so we had to pick up the slack with 3 scented candles in glass holders.

    Oooh, hemlock, aren't we Mr. Smarty-Pants Outdoorsman. And, if you'll kindly recall, our tree consisted of THREE hemlock branches (each one punier and more paltry than the previous) stuck into an upended yogurt cup. Decorated with discarded ribbon from our going-away gifts. Mmmm, budget holidays.

    Joyeux Noel, Cita!!!

  3. merry christmas, rebecca! (driving home from m&r's last night i heard "feliz navidad" on the radio and my immediate thought was "ohhhh i hope rebecca is having a nice holiday!")

  4. OOoooh, "graduated-size electrical adapters", aren't we Mrs. Smarty-Pants Electrician. Or maybe I'm just jealous because I couldn't think of a way to succinctly describe said electrical component.