Friday, December 09, 2005


As you can tell from the title, I'm a bit grouchy at the moment. I just finished my last day at CENIT, which unfortunately was ruined by Srta. Useless. It's her brilliant idea to have parties for departing volunteers. Which usually is quite nice... we have food and dancing and all the kids get up to say nice things about the volunteers. Unfortunately, right now it's just me and Susan (plus someone else returning next week), and we both finished today. So since S.U. would never think to actually contribute in any way, it was up to us to provide the refreshments. Which was fine. I baked cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles! And the kids were sufficiently impressed. But back to the horribleness... S.U was poking around forever and by the time she decided to not even come and to leave susan and me to our own devices, the kids were incredibly late. Plus it was just one of those days they were a little crazy and had tons of homework. So basically Susan and I spent the whole day running around desperately trying to help all 20+ kids, and had only a few minutes to squeeze in a "party", which basically involved us yelling at all of them to sit down and shut up so we could start. Sadly reminiscent of understaffed days at Homeroom, which was NOT how I wanted to end my tenure here. Fortunately, since I don't teach on Fridays I'm going to keep coming down here once a week! They can use the help, sporadic as it is, and I really love working here. I wish I could be doing this as a paying gig and volunteering teaching the english. (Oh wait... that sounds suspiciously like what I was already doing with my life! But it's a much more stress-free kind of set up here...) Anyway, it will be awesome to still get to see the kids, speak Spanish, have a free almuerzo, and come down to this different world of Quito regularly.

Some of you loyal blog readers may remember me posting about Paul (Natalia's ex-step father) appearing on Prison Break. My mom sent me this link to the article in our local newspaper, which in the tradition of local newspapers everywhere published a novel about every fascinating detail of our local boy's day in the sun. Complete with a picture of Paul looking suitably distinguished. Excellent.


  1. A whole weekend and no comments. You're clearly losing your touch. I suggest you post more pictures of katie!

  2. If I knew the nerdy computer equivalent of sticking out my tongue, I would type it here.

    Besides, my mom tells me my popularity is booming among the parents'-friends-who-don't-comment demographic. So there.

  3. I'm boycotting due to your poor taste in movies. I'm boycotting Jenna as well. Not her blog; just her.

  4. I vote for more contests. I am clearly eager for more antler racks and antler chairs to put in what used to be the room of our daughter. Alternately, how about pictures of watson sticking his tongue out?