Saturday, January 21, 2006

"Are you hungry? Sleepy? Gassy? Is it gas? It's gas, isn't it?"

Mmm... gassy. The air is finally clearing after several days of tear gas floating around the city from its extensive use at the various locations of the protests. You'd be going by on a bus somewhere seemingly normal, and everyone would start coughing uncontrollably. Or once, I was on the trole and they calmly announced "we're entering a gas area, please shut the windows."

There's lots of criticism of the excessive police violence (see above picture) and human rights violations. And of course the protests continue, there is thousands of dollars of damage, especially in the historic center, and lots of tourism money lost. One article reports the police are holding 18 minors until their families pay damages!

And there's finally a real article in a major english language news source.

In non-protest related news, it's BEAUTIFUL out today and I spent the last hour walking around the market at Parque El Ejido. It's mostly just the same artesenía and tourist stuff you see at all the markets, but all around the park artists set up their work. These are no everyday street watercolor artists. Most of the stuff is GORGEOUS, and an interesting mix between traditional and really original. I just couldn't decide on anything, and I know I'm going to end up buying enough to furnish the house I really will have someday when I settle down. At least I'm not buying baby clothes for my hypothetical future child left and right, like Sara!

Last night Allison and Becky and I went to see Allison's Ecuadorian musician friend play in a bar, which was a welcome change from either sitting at home or intense clubbing. It was in this nice bar that's super close to our house... it's a bit expensive and charges a cover but YOU CAN WALK THERE!!! So amazing that there is night life that doesn't involve taking taxis or going to the mariscal. The atmosphere was very chill, just a decent crowd of ecuadorians dancing to the salsa music in between the live music. What a treat to hear live music of the non salsa variety, too. And allison's friend sat with us and chatted while the first guy played... a really nice guy, and a good singer.

Right now I'm headed for a dvd store that sells lots of tv shows, and tonight I think we're going out for curry. Yay weekends!

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  1. did you get my package yet? it has tv on dvd in it! hurry up sketchy postal service!!