Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let's party like it's 2006...

Wow, that really just doesn't have the same ring. Anyway, I finally got around to posting my new year's pictures before another year is over, so go me.

Um, and apologies to my parents to whom I swore I had posted about Martin Luther King day. Below is the post I had written in advance and intended to post on Tuesday with my pictures, but clearly never got around to it... heh:

Pictures, continued...

And then there was New Years... we weren’t expecting anything much, but it was fabulous! In the US people just get drunk. Here they get drunk and burn stuff. I’ll say one thing for the ecuadorian disregard of safety precautions... fireworks are way more fun this way! Despite the fear for your life... Anyway, you really just have to see for yourself.

Happy MLK day. I noticed it on my calendar last week but didn’t give it another thought until I went to teach my new student at the US Aid office... and saw that the building was dark and locked up. Right... of course they close for US holidays... at least I get paid since he didn’t think to call and cancel. When prompted, my morning class today informed me that Martin Luther King was “a good guy” who “wanted black people equal.” A fair description, and probably about as much as any schoolchild in the US would be able to tell you. I’d like to do some more stuff for African-American History Month, like listen to some songs and read about people besides MLK. And it’s always interesting to compare the history of Afro-Ecuadorians with that of blacks in the US.

Up next: photos from Latacunga. Rachel and I spent the weekend bushopping between incredibly picturesque little Andean towns. Another lovely respite from Quito.


  1. You got the love-of-fireworks gene from Dad, not me! So on top of being grateful that you escaped harm from the teargas and riots, now I can breathe a sigh of relief that you didn't blow off any fingers or blind yourself with New Years fireworks. (er, of all people I guess I shouldn't bring up missing fingers, should I...) Great photos! And I won't even mention bird flu. Not today, anyway.

  2. Is that love-of-fireworks a product of nature or nurture, I wonder? And ... what a great tradition -- cleaning up after the party!


  3. yay fireworks on new years! what do you think is more safe, fireworks in equador on new years or fireworks in your garage on new years?

  4. of course i meant eCuador