Thursday, January 19, 2006

More protests and... WHAT'S that you say about my milk??

Demonstrations continuing today. According to this story there were 123 hurt. Though the government has already caved pathetically and said they will definitely not raise fares any time soon. Score one for student agency! Unfortunately a lot of people are saying that the bus companies will go on strike now. THAT would be a mess. Way beyond what happened in NYC. Everything would shut down... only like the top 8% of the population has cars.

There was also this story in El Comercio quoting the minister of government as admitting the police used excessive force against the students. My favorite part is where he says "the role of the police is to PROTECT the protests so they don't become violent." Right. I always try to protect people with tanks and tear gas.

But wait, THIS is really the most disturbing news of the day. Apparently 11 major brands of milk sold in Quito "are not fit for human consumption." Including the brand I drink everyday. Goooood times. Look's like I'm switching to Nestle.


  1. No matter how eloquent, the Minister of Government can never top Mayor Richard J Daley who, in 1968 during the demonstrations in Chicago at the Democratic Convention, said "The police are not here to create disorder - they are here to maintain it!"

  2. Maybe next time the protesters can hurl containers of substandard milk at the police instead of rocks. Or, in addition to rocks. Whatever's handy.

    If you want to pass along that suggestion, R, you don't need to give me credit or anything.