Thursday, January 12, 2006

You can't hang a man for killing a woman who's trying to steal your horse...

More words of wisdom from Willie Nelson which have been running through my head lately... (dan, you can switch to that as your new theme song... )
Sorry it’s been longer than promised, but I’ve finally made the trip back to the wireless paradise to post pictures. Check out the beauty of Mindo. Jennie, Matt, and I spent a day there in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I think you can see how different it is from Quito... just 2 hours away but it’s this lovely small town that happens to be a major international destination for birdwatching and other outdoor/natural activities... just a touch of humidity and plenty of tropical beauty. Pretty much exactly what you expect from Ecuador, in wonderful contrast to Quito. Becky and her parents, who happened to visit the same day, did the 5 am birdwatching walk and all the intense hiking in the forest reserves. We came for the express purpose of relaxation and happily as little as possible... hung out Becky’s hostel to play pool, ate some good food, breathed clean air, saw happy children playing (not begging or stealing!! it was so disconcerting.) and took the 800 meter walk up the hill to the butterfly garden. It was GREAT. I’m hoping to get out of Quito again this weekend and do some similar relaxation/fresh-air-breathing... maybe in Latacunga. Of all people, Rachel Lindsay is in town and got in touch, so I think we’ll be traveling together! Go wes.

I wanted to post new years pictures too, but the connection was too slow today. Next time.

OK, enough about me. Bon voyage and best wishes and all that to Lauren, Richard, and Katie, all of whom are picking up stake this week and moving south! (Which reminds me, I better update our blog description...)

Speaking of which, thanks for the best call from the 3 of those fools! International calls should always involve speaker phones on cell phones in cars while driving to the airport and getting crossed wires with yelling Ecuadorian men. My jealousy at all my favorite people together was nicely assuaged by their arguments over who misses me more, who sent me the best package, and who is going to come visit me first. Still can’t wait until I come back in March and get to see them as well as, hopefully, most of the rest of ye faithful readers. (Ok, now that it’s less than 2 months maybe I will literally start to count the days. Let’s see... 48!!)

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  1. For the record, Lauren sent you the best package, Katie misses you the most, and I'm going to visit you first (unless lauren does so before me).