Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jamaica, we have a bobsled team...

Wow, look at Katie posting twice in a row! That last one just beat me out by a couple of hours though... I knew I should have done internet first thing today! Oh well, at least this way I get top billing. I fit this last wireless trip into a busy day... class this morning (during which we spent quite a bit of time discussing Cool Runnings, of all things...) laundry, trying to get my new art framed, and three classes this afternoon/evening. Pretty much the story of my week... I never knew you could be so busy working 13.5 hours a week. (Of course, that's not including planning or the inummerable forms of transportation I am constantly taking to commute. Yesterday alone, on TWO nonconsecutive occasions, I paid for the trole only to wait and wait and have to retreat to a bus or taxi.)

Last weekend was the jampacked as well. Friday we had a dacquiri party in honor of Matt's 30th and Jennie's brief return to Quito. Most everyone else headed out to the bars afterwards, but I respectively declined in favor of sleep. Only because the next day we got up early to go to Otavalo (where it was HOT and I even got a little sunburned, whereas in Quito it was cold and rainy. Ha!), then went out for curry and had another night of barhopping! Sunday I mostly slept, though I did make a last trip to the local weekend market, and got POURED on for my troubles. We've had a return to the real rainy season this week, with plenty of thunderstorms that set off car alarms and such.
Here's the weekend in pictures!

Also I stole some pictures from Sara and Jennie of some typical Quitenan sights. Plus a bonus of Sara in an embarrassing position :)

Before my evening rush of classes, I'm off to check out another frame shop and try to set up a hostel in Canoa... the beach is popular during Carnaval and we're afraid all the hostels are already booked. The one time of year you actually need to do something in advance, and we fall down on the job. One way or another I will do my best to get a tan by the next time you see me so that I can really fit the stereotype and properly brag about living on the equator while you suckers enjoy old man winter. This means I'll be on a real vacation and probably not emailing until Tuesday or so. I'll try to send postcards for once!


  1. Can you send me one of those jesus flags?

  2. By anonymous I mean richard2/23/2006 1:12 PM

    (see above post)

  3. Wow, amazing coincidences, I and the "Guys" had a long discussion about "cool runnings" today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Martin

  4. I did not authorize the release of those pictures... :)

  5. He he he! Can I get copies of those photos?