Tuesday, February 21, 2006

killing time

There's not a whole lot of point in posting right now, except that i haven't posted in a while and i'm holed up avoiding a particularly bad thunderstorm before I have to dash to my next class. I have a bunch of pictures to put up of the whirlwind of activity over the weekend. (Due to Jennie's last weekend and Matt's 30th bday.) This last week or so in Ecuador is going to go by en un abrir y cerrar de los ojos, as it were. Just a few more days of class this week and then it's CARNAVAL! Which means a 4 day weekend and a trip to Canoa (the beachtown Becky always raves about.) Then on Wednesday I've got to fit in choir, 4 classes, packing, and making room for the new roommate (whose name, just to make things confusing, is also Rebecca.) And then off to Chicago on Thursday!!! Hopefully I can fit in some wireless time before then to put up pictures. If not, I will just take advantage of the 24 hour free wireless at home. (drool...)

as if i wasn't excited enough about coming home, Richard and Katie have booked their flight for wmshc, lauren is pretty confident she will get up to chicago to visit me, and in changing one of my flights I SAVED $80 (gotta love Southwest.)!!

9 days to US soil
2 weeks to singing!


  1. The free wireless is pretty good, but the free food will be even better.

  2. Amen.
    (Can that be our family motto?)