Sunday, February 05, 2006

No more public library internet for me, folks!

Yesterday, we were paupers. Today we have Richard's computer, free wireless from the comfort of our living room, a matching sofa and loveseat, a box spring, and an air mattress borrowed from my friend Kathryn's father, which will make its inaugural debut this very night replacing the air mattress borrowed from Alexa. This latest model contains no cat scratches mended with duct tape, and will presumably not need to be refilled every single night with the hair dryer (also Alexa's) after it's spent the night leaking and gently setting us down on the cold cold concrete floor. But before I delve into the story of how we've come upon such luxury, I feel it's only right to finish our cross-country tale. I'm just that anal.

So, as I mentioned before, the beauty of taking exactly the same route as you did 6 months ago is that you get to stop at all the goofy places you remember passing by last time. (Well, not ALL of them... I forgot until it was too late about the church-of-the-something-something in western Maryland with the giant sign out front proclaiming "Noah's Ark Being Rebuilt HERE!!!!!" But I wrote it in, complete with exit number, on the Maryland map in our atlas, so the next time I drive from D.C. to Kentucky I'll SURELY remember to get off at the right exit. And Rebecca, remember that Amish cheese billboard that we passed and after that all I wanted was Amish cheese? Well, it happened again.) Anyway, to make a long story short, as we were retracing our summer route from Louisville to Nashville, we checked out a sight that many of you (okay, let's be honest, nobody but me) will remember my mentioning last summer: the self-proclaimed "Most Awesome Flea Market In The World." Clearly, this time we had to stop. It sucked (no one saw that one saw that one coming) but at least I got a picture of it as we drove away. Which you can view here, along with some other very random miscellany from the month of January.

We spent that night in Hot Springs, Arkansas, boyhood home of former president Bill Clinton. I was going to tell you some more about that, but it's really too good a story to sum up in a couple of sentences, and all of our best pictures are on my non-digital camera. So I promise to scan them and recount hilarious anecdotes later. In the meantime, onward to Texas!

It felt pretty absurd to actually be IN Texas, finally. Lots of trucks (though we're a little jaded coming from Juneau, where literally the only vehicles you'll see for weeks at a time are pickups, minivans, and SUV's), dry fields, and big sunny Texas skies. Remember how excited I was about those cows, Rebecca? And then those mesas? Well, imagine me pointing and saying, "Look, Rebecca! TEXAS!" and that pretty much sums it up. We rolled into town at 7:30 or so, found our way to Alexa's apartment complex, got a dazed nighttime tour of the city as she took us out for dinner (I'm about to start an undying love affair with southwest cuisine, I can tell), and crashed onto said leaky air mattress. She was the best hostess ever for a weeks while we ate her food and filled her living room with our suitcases... and now we live 5 blocks away, like those ducklings who become so attached to the first thing they see when they hatch.

Okay, once again this has taken me far too long to write, so I'll wind things up and write more soon. This time for real. Now we're off to watch our Dylan documentary...

Much, much love,



  1. Whoa, katie in trendy glasses?? And Ruth's apartment with furniture??? What is this world coming to????? At least I can rest easy knowing you're continuing your love affair with dinosaur statues. (File photo

  2. I've always known KT had a little bit of the bio nerd hidden deep inside. That was confirmed when I read her comparing herself to a post-impression duckling. K, something tells me you're not quite ready to hear about the methylation patterns thought to be responsible for this type of behavior? (Oh I'm such a NERD...)

    Miss you guys, and so happy to hear that things are coming up Richard for you both. Good luck with the job searches!


    PS Now that R has such internet access, I demand updates to smarch!

  3. i second the smarch updates! or you might convince this blogmaster to give you a guest spot... you know you want to...

  4. I want the Bill Clinton stories!!