Friday, February 24, 2006

Ready, set, tan!

I'll get to the beach eventually, I swear. We were planning on leaving early this afternoon for Canoa, this lovely beach town my friend becky raves about. But when I showed up at the bus terminal this morning, the place was PACKED with people heading out, mostly to the coast. No buses to Canoa until tomorrow, and if we don't get a head start we will never find a place to stay. So after running around between bus companies and several calls to Sara, we finally decided to go with a night bus to Atacames, one of the main beach destinations. It will be pretty crazy there, it's a party town even when half the population of ecuador isn't descending on it. (ooh, this internet cafe is way better than the one yesterday. They're playing a whole set of nirvana!) So we plan to just stay the night and head off to a quieter spot like mompiche. After calling around, Sara finally found a place for us to stay. A bit outside of Atacames (which is probably for the best), we've got a cabin for 6 people for $50 a night. And even though this morning Sara and I were the only ones planning on going, we've got a group of 7 together! So hopefully we can cram into the cabin.

After a stressful morning - much too long spent in the bus termina (which looks like it should have been condemned years ago and as sara quaintly put it "reminds me of the smell of urine." If by that she means smells strongly of urine because people piss everywhere here, then that's exactly right.) and CRAMMED onto the trole home with all the other people on holiday, got mustard thrown on me, thanks to lugging my big backpack around and looking like a rich tourist for once (its a scam in which people throw mustard or something on you and then come up and pretend to be helpful in pointing it out and wiping it off. Of course I wasn't about to fall for it and grabbed my backpack in front and walked off quickly, but I still had mustard all over me and had to wash my clothes! Sometimes I hate this country.) Um, in theory I started the sentence and intended to include what happened "after" but I'm not sure how to grammatically continue so let's start over. When I got back Sara and I immediately started on the daquiries, and were joined by Cayanne. Several drinks and a couple hours later, we quit for the night, except we were amused to note that it was about 2 pm.

So I am sufficiently destressed, had time to run some errands including picking up my timesheet, and am all set to go to the beach! For those of you who say I am wimping out on my long held beach-hatred*, you must keep in mind that 1) I would rather go to say, Baghdad, than stay in deserted rainy polluted Quito over carnaval. 2) I just picked up Harry Potter y el Misterio del Principe (yeah, the name is lamer in spanish. but mestizo has a lot of non-wizarding racial connotations.) ¡¡¡¡¡Hot off the presses!!!!! So I can't wait to plunk down on a warm beach with fresh air and tropical fruit and read my book. What are YOU doing this weekend?? That's what I thought.
(*I must admit that I don't mind pretzels that much anymore either... I really am a sell-out...)


  1. Actually, today is the Jaeger/Bridge Pigfest. Those of us adopted by them get to participate in a three hour all you can eat (and drink politely) appetizer marathon. Just no fresh tropical fruit drinks. Or tropical sun. Or tropical beach. Or ... .. .


  2. Beach? Pretzels? Soon there will be nothing left that you dislike.
    Have fun! Get a tan! What daquiri ingredients should I buy before you get home?