Thursday, February 23, 2006

Three exciting things

1. R and I are going to Kerrville this year! (We don't even need to hitch a ride on a train because we live just 2 hours away...)

2. My potted herb seeds finally sprouted!

3. R got a job as an Apprentice Sushi Chef! (If only you'd taken up your little friend on his offer, B, the two of you could have sushi cook-offs...)

That's about it. The TX State Sacred Harp Convention is this weekend, so we're driving down to College Station on Saturday for that. Still haven't decided what my potluck contribution will be. R is planning a cabbage-and-brown-rice salad, which just makes me think of Dennis George's little son pointing at all the strange vegan foods on the WMSHC lunch tables and going, "Daddy, what's THAT?" Oh well. The two of us will eat it, at least.




  1. K and R, I hope you are going to the South by Southwest Music Festival in March - or is that when you will be in Massachusetts? Definitely check out 2 of my favorite Austin-based artists: Marcia Ball and Alejandro Escovedo. Marcia Ball sings lead vocals and plays rollicking piano, New Orleans/Texas/country-flavored music. She sits side-saddle at the piano with her legs crossed and her foot tapping and a smile on her face. She's terrific! Alejandro Escovedo (just heard him last night here in Chicago, one of his favorite towns, apparently) plays everything from rock and punk to ballads, mostly songs he writes, with a band that usually includes a cello and/or violinist who is rrreally good. If you know the band Poi Dog Pondering she plays with them (Susan Vels is her name). Someday I will make it to Austin for that festival!

  2. For the record Katie, I'll be making a quinoa and cucumber salad. And when I saw Alejandro in Eugene I think he said that Eugene was one his favourite towns too....perhaps he's just trying to butter us up.

  3. Oooh... Alejandro is it? On a first name basis already?

    And I fully support your choice of quinoa... yay traditional andean grains!

  4. YOU try saying "Alejandro Escovedo" seven times fast.