Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Woe is me

So this week was supposed to be the start of a whole new productive spurt before I get a real vacation. Right. This morning I had my first class so far this week. The only one of the day. And one of only 3 this week. My brand new 8 hour a week class canceled until next week. And my evening business student apparently decided to extend his trip to the US without telling me. So while I get paid for those classes on Monday (no notice), I get nothing for the rest of the week. Then yesterday morning I had to cancel my only remaining class!!! I was so pissed. But there was no way around it... I woke up with a reprise of that horrible 24-hour stomach bug I got a couple years ago. Fortunately, with slightly less graphic results (which I won't describe, but which Richard certainly remembers...) but I was still throwing up every half an hour, couldn't even keep down water until the evening, and could barely leave my bed all day. This time there was no one to take care of me, but I managed to survive on ice and eventually the powerade that sara bought me (which, hilariously, come in a glass bottle here! who puts sports drinks in glass bottles???) Fortunately the 24 hour part still held, so today I was up and about and eating a bit of solid food.

Since my afternoon class canceled on top of everything else, my new mission is to print and put up posters advertising the upcoming vacancies in my apartment. Pretty soon I'm due to be the senior member of the apartment by default! And since I'd really prefer not to move, got to fill up those other 2 bedrooms. If you know anyone who is planning to move to quito...

Also, I have something else to occupy my time. You'd think that quitting my job and moving to Ecuador would let me off the hook as resident Homeroom expert. But out of the blue, I just got the following email (excerpted):
I just got hired to work full time, running
Vinnie's and resurrecting the homeroom program which has stopped. Mark suggested I contact you to figure out how to get it started.
I guess I just don't know much about it. What was it, who were the
important people who were helping to run it? I am going to be speaking
with (people at CHC).
What was homeroom? What was the mission? What was the schedule? The programs? How did you recruit kids? Do finances? Etc.

Oy veh. I can't exactly say that I'm surprised. Pissed, but not surprised. I know that the guy who took it over had too much on his plate and was too irresonsible to actually keep it going. So now, since I am a good guy, the only one who ever cares/knows anything about Homeroom, I have to help this woman track down my computer files that my replacement never got around to getting on his drive, and try and remember all of that day to day stuff I had been happy to let trickle out of my brain over the past 9 months. Sigh.

OK, enough complaining for one blog entry. Could be worse. My ex-roommate Jennie was supposed to return to Ecuador this week after traveling, but had her passport stolen in Peru and is stuck in Lima for a week. And her friend, who did make it across the border and is staying with us, has a stomach infection so bad she can only eat a few foods and can't even drink water - just this weird medicated beverage the doctor in Lima gave her.

I'll just say, can't wait to get out of this godforsaken hell hole in just 23 days!


  1. You should suggest that they add a new question to the Homeroom-leader interviews: "Have you, or would you ever, steal snacks from children?" That oughtta provide at least some semblance of a filter.

    And, FYI, Richard and I mailed you a postcard two days ago, and I mailed you a package today. The guy at the post office gave me a confirmation # for my package; he explained that it wasn't a tracking number, but if it hadn't gotten to you in 7-10 days, I could email and find out if the hold up was in the Quito post office or what. I very carefully didn't laugh loudly in his face. Hopefully you'll get it before June.


  2. Leave it to a parent to say something about being sick and alone. There.

    I am, actually, happy to hear that you are improving. And glad to see that you are well enough to find somebody around sicker than you. Also interested to see that you wrote first about lost work, and then moved on to health ...

    Your mother and I wait impatiently to see you 23 days from now.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes and !mail!

    And remind me next time I quit my job and know my replacement is going to screw up, to get some cajones and tell my boss that. So that at least I can say I told you so...

  4. Nice to hear that your health is improving. (I love blogs - I find out about the bad stuff AFTER it's been handled. Much much better than that call on a Friday afternoon the day before I was going out of town: "...uh, Mom, my wallet got stolen..." etc)

    Also, isn't it nice to have your reputation as "the only person who knows what's going on at Homeroom" confirmed! Shame on them for letting the program slip.

    And yes! We are excited to count down the days til we see you. (gives me a reason to look forward to something, now that I'm past the Stones concerts, the Aerosmith to-die-for concert last night, and the enchanting California weather I am enjoying for 3 more days while it's snowing and cold in Chicago...


  5. Take heart, R. Your return to the continuous 48 is right up there with the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith for excitement! For your parents anyway, but still.

    btw, I too noticed the outdatedness of the blog header, but I was too lazy to snark at you about it. Regarding the new heading, make no assumptions about exciting places, my friend. Why, this weekend alone, I'm expecting a turkey dinner extravaganza AND a snow storm. Beat that, chiquitita (ABBA reference, as perhaps you'll remember, I speak no Spanish).

  6. Oops! that's "contiguous 48," not continuous. Derrrr...