Sunday, March 26, 2006

Belated pictures, asexuality, and comic lookalikes

(Well that's confusing... I haven't checked the blog since posting this on Sunday. Only to discover it didn't actually post even though it said it did. So... let's time travel back to Sunday afternoon!)

So, I must really be back in Quito. I'm already back to my Sunday wireless tradition. Actually, I got in on Monday night and immediately taught 3 classes on Tuesday. This was for the best since it left me no time to wallow or dread going back to work. And after one day, it was hard to remember being gone and I felt really positive about my new classes. I have a serious schedule makeover, with really enjoyable classes that don't cancel(!!!). And aside from my morning class, all are at the institute now. Which means instead of spending all my time between classes commuting, I check my email, do lesson planning, and chat with the other teachers. It's like I have a real job! OK, I have lots of fun stuff to share today. Let's get down to business.

Item of business the first: Pictures from carnaval!!! Flashback to last month, before my trip home. It's a good thing I got my traveling in when I did, because it's hard to get around anywhere these days due to the roadblocks. Sara's entire family (6 of them) have been staying with us (definitely a full house... more on that later), and they couldn't get to Latacunga, Otavalo, or Banos because the Panamerican highway is totally blockaded north and south of quito. They tried their best, riding in trucks and walking, but they said eventually the road just becomes branches and other junk for as far as the eye can see. Of course, my other roommate got to Banos just fine since apparently the protest took the weekend off. Sounds about right for Ecuador.

Item of business the second: TV fate. So I'm hanging out at Becky's on friday night, watching her american cable for the first and only time except the superbowl, and what comes on? A 20/20 interviewing people who have no libido and claim to be "asexual." Wait a minute... as my brain was processing that this sounded suspiciously like a certain college classmate's obsession the show cuts to an interview with... none other than david jay himself!!! I saw david jay on 20/20 in ecuador! How entirely surreal. Of course he IS the asexuality movement, having founded the website I'll say this for Wesleyan... it may attract some eccentric people, but it knows how to pick the eccentric people who will actually be featured on 20/20 someday. If you missed the episode, you can check out the feature on ABC’s website.

Item of business the third: Says my mom, "I got asked for an autograph by a complete stranger in a restaurant yesterday because apparently my hair color is the same as Judy Baar Topinka, the winner of the Republican primary for governor. This tells me my shade is probably too orange." Long lost twins? You decide for yourself.

Ok, I am actually going to become a paying customer at the Plaza de las Americas, instead of just mooching off of their wireless internet. I’m going to see Brokeback Mountain!! Which finally showed up in theaters here!! It seems like the Oscar buzz has pushed a lot of American movies into theaters (Crash, Brokeback) and pirated dvd stores (Capote, Walk the Line). My DVD collection is going to be very happy.


  1. Soy muy confuso.

  2. After getting over the shock of seeing myself on your blog, I have 3 conclusions: 1) you have waaaaaayyyy too much leisure time; 2) no, my shade is not too orange (hers is, though); and 3) this must be a tiny taste of what it would feel like to be a public figure and wake up daily to see yourself ridiculed in public. Not for me, thanks!

  3. In the opinion of this objective blog reader, your mom is way cuter than that poor woman with the unfortunate taste in political parties and hair color.

  4. You know, Sara already has Brokeback Mountain on dvd... :)

  5. All of this rampant movie piracy is making me ill to my stomach and needs to stop. I say enough already. It's one thing to illegally purchase stolen movies, but to announce it to the world on your blog is just sickening. Hardworking mom & pop businesses like Paramount, Universal, and 20th Century Fox are scrambling to make a living while providing us with delightful entertainment at the same time. Imagine a world without the much needed sequel "Cheaper by the Dozen II." Imagine a world where we never find out if Ice Cube finally gets there ("Are We There Yet?"). That's right, you can't. I don't even want to imagine such a bleak future, yet it's people like you that are leading us down that slippery slope. Don't think you can circumvent U.S. copyright laws just because you're in central america or wherever the hell it is you are. And another thing....have you seen the cheap covers on these things? It's simply a disgrace to slap a pixelated ink jet printout of heath ledger and jake gyllenhal's beautiful faces on these bootleg dvds. I don't want to wonder whether or not jake's dimple is really a smudge; I want to see that dimple! (Boy, those dimples are so big you could eat out of them)
    Anyhow, I'm done ranting. Enjoy your stolen movies built on the backs of hardworking Americans. I don't know how you sleep at night....

  6. mom - hey i wasn't making fun! well, not of you anyway. maybe of the silly person who would mistake you for jbt. i think everyone would agree with linda that you are way cuter. (thank god, as you are half my gene pool...)

    (dad why are you confused?)

    allison - i know, but i was already in the plaza de las americas and it's more fun to watch on the big screen! well, maybe not with a theaterful of ecuadorians who, despite choosing to see a movie about gay cowboys, insisted on giggling and "oohing" anytime they looked at each other.

  7. WHOA... richard and i just posted simultaneous comments. we officially rock and win the prize in international synchronized blogcommenting. (and your ranting may not be in vain if the TLC goes through. Which, ironically, could put out of business all the hardworking mom and pop dvd stores here. no joke!)

    Also, I would leave this comment on your own blog, but since your blog refers one to leave a msesage on my blog... I'll have to comment further on my own damn blog. I feel like I'm talking to myself. All I wanted to say is yay smarch! Your hi-lariously renewed commentary (mostly) makes up for the new "hot babe." now just fix your messageboard. Who am I, your secretary?

  8. As Richard just pointed out, what you really should have done is posted an internet jinx. But, since neither of you have stepped up to the plate, I'll take the liberty of doing so...


    You'd better make sure Richard is the first one to talk, or you'll be receiving the most expensive punch I've ever spent my money on...

  9. It was great to see you all in those Carival pics! I miss you guys!

    Hi to you too Allison... how's home been?

    Oh yeah... I'm applying to be a teacher. God help me. (Desperation takes it's toll.)

  10. ... and I'm not going to get anywhere as a teacher with typos like that!!!!