Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Thanks for the paternal paranoia folks... sorry I haven't been big on the blogging since coming to chicago... it's probably for the best because I just would have subjected everyone to detailed descriptions of the all yummy food I've been treated to over the past 5 days. The most cooking I've done for myself has involved pouring milk (sweet sweet fresh milk) on cereal or melting cheese (sharp sharp CHEDDAR!) on bread. I've been cooked for by friends and family, given free reign at whole foods, and dined at a variety of restaurants my mom has wanted to try out from the VegOut Chicago guide. Needless to say, I've been having a delightful time and am not missing almuerzos or bland queso fresco. Other highlights have involved indulging in free public library and village discount, and hanging with Natalia at an overly typical chicago neighborhood bar drinking American beer (not Pilsener!!!) and playing pool with overly typical chicago guys (who may have their own faults, like high cholesterol levels, but do not generally make hissing noises at you or proclaim they love you after 10 seconds in your presence). While I've been wined and dined and chauffered around here in Chicago (though I did successfully obtain a new drivers license after having mine stolen with my wallet in Ecuador) I'm pretty damn excited to get on a plane in a few short hours to Bradley. Next stop, Mahoney cooking, Watson, and SINGING!


  1. wait are you coming tonight!?!?!?! my day just got SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm probably getting a puppy. Between that, seeing all you guys so soon, and WMSHC this weekend I am SO excited!!!! I'm having such a hard time concentrating at work. See you in two days!! <3B

  3. I'm enjoying the delights of cheddar cheese too after 11 and a half months of deprivation! I never realised I could get such pleasure in the simple things!

    Missing you all! Your blog is making me even miss Quito! It's amazing what a bit of distance can do.

    Anyway, best get back to my hectic life on the sofa! (Need a job.)