Wednesday, March 08, 2006

from the land of garnet rogers and jarfood

Wow, judging from the comments on my last post people actually miss me and I have a new blogposter (a warm welcome for jennie, the coolest ex-quitenan currently unemployed brit around)!! I feel so loved. And sufficiently discouraged from further blogslacking. I'm currently posting from my honorary home in MA, surrounded by such gems as the Dad action figure and The Case of the Tree on the Grandmother, a One Eyed Kelly Mystery by Katherine A. Mahoney. I flew in yesteday just in time to eat Chinese food and make it to the Tuesday night sing!! After 5 months with nothing but my Ecuadorian choir and WMSHC recordings to tide me over, I would have been more than happy with, say, a Middletown sing. But instead I was treated to a particularly fabulous Tuesday night sing. I was a little rusty on the shapes, but shockingly, I didn't completely blow my voice out after a whole night of singing alto between Allison and Jenna. I'm sure I won't be able to say the same after WMSHC! Have I mentioned that I'm excited for WMSHC?? I'm pretty damn excited for WMSHC. Although I may be even more excited to make just KT and Richard sing with me like old times, after we pick them up from the airport tomorry!! That is, if poor sick Katie is up to it. Aww. At least it will be a good excuse to be lazy and watch movies, which, as Katie pointed out, we're awfully good at doing anyway...


  1. Nice. I like that! Ok, maybe I'm the ONLY 'ex-quitenan currently unemployed Brit' around, and if you'd said 'the coolest Brit around' then there would have been 57 million people not as cool as me... I like the idea of that.

    Basically Rebecca; 'could do better' - unhappy face - 'See me'.

    ('See me's were the WORST, weren't they?)

  2. LAST NIGHT WAS AWESOME! so awesome that i needed to internet-scream it.

  3. Rebecca and Jennie -- you are Both missing freaking cOld weather here in Quito. And I´m missing the presence of you both, so I guess it works both ways :) (aww...)

    So -- only one more week here -- and I won´t even get to see you when you get back! Wow, this sucks...

    Well, I guess I´ll just send a general wish of good luck to everyone going back-slash-recently gone back to their native countries -- that our stashes of pirated DVDs and music will tide us over til the next time we leave the country! :)