Sunday, March 05, 2006

Paranoia and other updates

After spending 48 hours sick with worry that Rebecca had been kidnapped, gotten killed in a plane crash, or been hospitalized after a car wreck en route to her house from the airport (Ellen & Stu, you would have been so proud of our parentlike concern), we were thrilled to hear from the world traveler this morning... she hastened to assure us that she's on American soil, as alive as ever, and has just been too busy since getting to Chicago to catch her breath and say hello. PHEW! We were too relieved to even make her feel bad about her lack of communication. However, if we talk to her on the phone tonight, I can't guarantee that plenty of guilt trips won't ensue...

Our visions of flaming wreckage and mangled bodies now dissipated, we're doing as well as can be expected. After his grand first week as an apprentice sushi chef, Richard has, well, quit. On the downside, he managed to cut his thumbs with sharp knives every single day that he worked. On the upside, he walked away with $275 and enough know-how to host a sushi party for our friends in the next few weeks, so we feel he came out the winner. By which I mean, I'M gainfully employed, so as long as he can figure out how to pay his half of the bills (I wish I could say he hasn't considered online gambling... yes, Rebecca, AGAIN), it's none of my business. And in the meantime, he isn't going to work at 10am and coming home at 11pm, which makes him a very happy camper.

I'm one day away from hopefully getting a job as an Administrative Assistant. By the end of last week, it sounded tentatively like I was the lead candidate for the position, but I guess she has a few more interviews tomorrow morning, so we'll see. But that would make me very happy... it would also earn me enough to make me ineligible for food stamps, which I'm secretly sort of disappointed about, but probably should not be viewed as a bad thing. Heh. Also on the progressive newswire, I've gotten myself sort of inadvertantly involved with a fledgling local chapter of a national anti-Bush organization here in town, and after Friday's meeting, I somehow ended up being the head of a committee to plan a visit by one of the organization's founders to speak at the University of Texas, when she comes to Texas from D.C. in April. How did that happen? I didn't even know how to plan an event at my OWN college, let alone a giant one that I don't go to in a city I just moved to!!!!

Okay, Richard and I are off to do our weekly grocery shopping... hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Four days till we fly to MA!




  1. Hello! I came across your page and found it insightful. I think you might find mine interesting too. Can't wait to hear from you!

  2. [Note to my faithful readers: The above comment was posted completely inexplicably by Richard, who somehow felt the need to a.) forge a spam-like comment, b.) do so while I was still sitting at the same computer, and c.) not actually including any humorous phrases OR links in said comment, thus rendering it not only pointless, but also awfully confusing.]

  3. If only his page were actually interesting. Stupid smarch that hasn't been updated in about 8 months!