Sunday, March 19, 2006

thank god the US government doesn't seem to notice anything below mexico

Or they might realize that a large number of south american counties nicely fit the current critera for "evil", or whatever it is we're fighting these days. Namely 1) oil-producing and 2) US-hating.

Picture on the right taken from an El Comercio slide show of the omnipresent and escalating protests in Ecuador against the TLC (the free trade agreement being negotiated with the US) and Oxy (the American oil company the government has some type of horribly corrupt contact with.) Although I'm not too worried about Ecuador drawing any ire... Chavez is the one drawing what attention there is, and that blank look you're giving me just goes to show how little that is...
(see this article for a short commentary on the irony of the venezuela/us situation. "Connecticut became the eighth American state to participate in the program by which Citgo Petroleum Corp. provides discounted heating oil for poor people. Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government... In the contest for the hearts and minds of the hemisphere, Venezuela clearly is winning.")

At least the domestic anti-war protests are getting a respectable amount of media coverage here. Katie, I feel like we ought to change the blog title to "Young women with birthdays unfortunately timed to coincide with depressingly bloody anniversaries."

On that note, shouldn't I be packing?? My political consciousness is not a form of procrastination, I swear. Anyway, I already packed my extra bag of food, chock full of American granola bars and organic mac and cheese. Who needs clothes? OK, I have to depart for the airport in about 9 hours, and I wouldn't mind fitting some sleep in there. Once I hit Quito, I promise not to be completely swamped by new classes and to fill in all those gaps from my whirlwind visit home. I haven't even mentioned LAUREN AND RUTH who drove all the way from Louisville to see me this weekend!! Pictures coming soon.


  1. The Venezuela thing is particularly infuriating to me considering the hypocracy of the US administration. "We're bringing freedom and democracy to the world!" And yet they would just love to get rid of a leader democratically elected and quite popular with his own people simply because he's critical of the US (oh, and a socialist, heaven forfend!).


  2. "Forfend," far from being the made-up word or unlikely typo it first appears to be, means to prevent, protect, or avert, as in "to fend off."

    Heaven protect us from socialism, and from M's vocabulary.

    On a personal note, M, I can't WAIT to mock you in person.