Saturday, March 25, 2006

You will wonder / at the blooming in your yard...

Oh man, Austin is so gorgeously green right now. After a torrentially rainy week, the sun is out, the temperature is hovering in pleasant-high-summer-in-Maine range (as opposed to ha-sucker-you-just-moved-to-a-place-where-it's-90-degrees-in-March range), the leaves have popped out on all the trees, everyone's yard is filled with blooming flowers, and it's just beautiful. March in Austin is prime allergy season, though I don't seem to have been hit too bad yet... thank goodness my preschoolers keep me continually infected with all the latest colds so I always have something besides nature to blame my congestion on.

Our sushi/birthday party last weekend was a hit, if I do say so myself... Richard made four GIANT platters of the most delicious sushi I have ever eaten in my whole life (I may or may not have eaten leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the following day...) and we had a bunch of singing friends plus one non-singing husband over for an evening of sushi, beer, and tiny cakes*. [Note to J&L&M&R et al: They were all *hugely* excited to try out Happy Birthday Easter Anthem, oft mentioned but heretofore untried in these here parts. We managed to muddle respectably through it. You'd have been so proud.] Our inaugural house party went off without a hitch, and now that we've had the taste of blood, we can't wait to have more guests over... all the joys of hanging out, none of the painful driving home afterwards. I managed to take some exceedingly blurry photos of the evening, three of which can be viewed here.

The jobs are still going well, though I seem to spend far too many evenings NOT in my pajamas reading a book. While school-related workshops and Cocktails for Choice and Wednesday night sings and World Can't Wait meetings and so on and so forth are all well and good in their own ways, all this readjusting to running around and Having A Life is taking some adjusting to. Juneau made me soft, what with the not having friends and the 4:00 sunsets just begging you to come home and lock the door and grab your novel.

Okay, I'm off to make the sweet potato soup that I fully intended to make two weeks ago and literally have not had a single free evening in which to do so since then. Hope everyone's well!



*I have a long and noble family tradition of tiny cakes to live up to. For this, my first attempt, I seemed to have all the components in place - cake-mix yellow cake, sugar/butter/milk glaze, even raspberry sauce to drizzle on top - without actually getting any of the aesthetics right. You might even say they were pretty damn ugly little suckers. However, I've now been initiated into the world of tiny cakes, and I have every confidence that my future ventures can only grow prettier.


  1. i want spring and tiny cakes!!!!!! and sushi!!! and kt and richard!!! promise we can have all that when i visit in december?? you can make it spring then, right? right???

  2. K,

    Now you'll have to introduce them to the joys of singing the words of Amazing Grace to Green Street.

    It's been hovering around a balmy 50 degrees here, and there's been no snow in, um, several days. It's starting to look like I should think about getting my studded snow tires removed. Mustn't be too hasty, though.


  3. Uh, note to Richard: I may need to send more cheese implements if you don't change your new smarch cheesey look! Yuk.