Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i have a private bathroom now!

Well I have very little excuse for not posting in the last week, except that i've been too cheap to pay to use a real computer instead of the world's slowest and practically defunct computer at work, which only at its whim decides to let me sign into blogger. not that i'm complaining... yelling at the computer sure beats taking up smoking as a way to kill time between classes. Anyway I didn't leave quito this weekend as planned, due to an emergency choir practice on saturday. and yes, i really am that much of a choir nerd that i would cancel my travel plans (not that they were defined beyond "leaving quito" to begin with) for a rehearsal. but seriously, i've missed loads of stuff because my schedule doesn't match theirs and they definitely uphold the ecuadorian tradition of making plans at the last minute. and i'm taking off next week. and with the start of the new trimester we got some new memebers, one of whom i am supposed to mentor more or less. which amuses me to no end. how odd to be the random foreign student but also the resident expert. I was even teaching them german pronunciation the other day for our newest songs!! that's something for which i NEVER expected to be the most qualified in the room. It was wonderful to finally be singing some bach and mendelsohn... that's the kind of music i'm used to singing and particularly used to sight reading. i like the popular ecuadorian songs, but if i have to sing another "du" "chaka chaka" "lo lo lo" or other onomatapeic sound i might have to throw up.

so the real news of the last week is that my "papi" is in town! He's done a remarkably impressive job of entertaining himself while i run around from work to choir practice. I'm taking off all of next week to travel so i really couldn't afford to take off any other time. his hostel is funortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) located right next to a pan de yuca place and i'm doing my best to take advantage. he also took advantage of not leaving quito this weekend to treat me to a bazillion meals and pretty much meet everyone i know. We went out for margaritas on friday night with becky, not knowing we would run into the entire english teaching staff at one table, and bill and all his family at another table. Also between becky moving in and sara's return to quito after her EXTENDED stay at the beach, our house has been quite the whirlwind of activity. We haven't gotten the newest member of our apartment yet, since rebecca is going back to the us for a graduation and 2 weddings, but when she comes back in june we will officially adopt our new cat!!!

My mom comes in tomorrow night and then on saturday we start our intensive ecuadorian tour. i'll try to post at least once before then... oh, by the way, if you want to see what i have to brave for my commute every day check out this article about the overcrowded troles...

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