Tuesday, April 11, 2006

pre-easter adventures

So the verdict is the pictures are working. I was getting all nostalgic just posting them. Is it WMSHC yet? Is it WMSHC yet?? (Despite my plans to be living in california at the time, i just qualified for a free southwest ticket sometime in the next year, on top of the $80 credit i already have with them. I'm SO there.)

I subbed at Jezreel for the past 3 times with minimal stress. My accomplishments in that time include: Watching (at least the first hour of) March of the Penguins 3 times, reading To Kill A Mockingbird in its entirety during my breaks, actually teaching science to both 7th and 8th graders (the 8th graders today drew the cutest pictures of simple machines.) and got lots of candy for National Teachers Day. Too bad I'm not a real teacher there, it was like christmas for them! They got loads of quality presents from the kids. But, on the plus side, I didn't have to spend my Saturday supervising the kids in Sports Day or tomorrow night at a spiritual retreat getting prayed at extra hard.

Also, WE ARE GETTING A CAT!! This is all very sudden... I've wanted a cat my whole life but in my pre-allergy days my plans were always foiled by my evil parents. I had given up on a pet until i have a family of my own, between constant moving, restrictive leases and not being able to touch it very much. But the other Rebecca mentioned casually yesterdayt that she has friends who need to give away their cat, and she consulted with me and Becky and we're going ahead with it! Too bad the cat probably already has a name... otherwise I think we would HAVE to make her the fourth Rebecca. Can't wait to take pictures! (Um, and also meet the cat first.)

First things first - we finally got our tickets to Canoa for tomorrow night, so IMMEDIATELY after my evening class we are hopping on a night bus. I'm excited that our plans are finally working out to go to what everyone assures me is the best beach... just relaxing and beautiful.


  1. A Cat????!!!!!

    Principito's mum is gonna be livid!!! As will Principito, I suspect. He has been the unrivalled ruler of block 11 for years and thus I predict that a serious feud lies ahead! Messy.

  2. Also... I've sent a package of Easter 'candy' to your South American Explorers club address so look out for it! I addressed it to you, Sara and Sara because I thought your new housemate shared Sara's name and not yours... how CONFUSING! But now as Becky has moved in and St Louis Sara (in fact the only Sara) has left, it is now for you, Rebecca and Becky! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

    I suggest...

    You = Rebecca
    Wisconsin Rebecca = Becky (as always)
    Californian Rebecca = Bex.


  3. Ooh easter candy! First we will have to eat all the american easter candy sara and i brought back. somehow i don't think this will be a problem :) And yeah, fortunately this is not an outdoor cat so hopefully we can keep her far far away from principito... otherwise we might end with some crazy half siamese half white kittens on our hands...

  4. This is why we encourage our children to move out. Cats are great, pets are nice, and the 40 acre field in which they play and live is best of all

  5. You guys crack me up.

    I can't believe you're getting a cat! And Canoa! Luckies.