Sunday, April 09, 2006

she's aliiiive

Hey there! Yes yes, I know I haven't posted for 2 weeks, which I think is a personal record. You're all spoiled, spoiled, blogreaders!! But apparently blog sabbaticals are the best way to get y'all to actually email me and call me and such, whats with the negative reinforcement! Anyway, I plead work business and sickness (just a little cold but it interfered with my weekend wireless plans last week.) Workwise, I finally have a solid schedule of 3 classes that never cancel, plus assorted other classes, plus subbing for stuff including a 3 day stint at everyone's favorite crazy Christian elementary school. Though my morning class, which I thought was finally under control, is making waves again. I don't know if you remember them, the one with the crazy lady who kept calling up to complain about me despite never having attended my classes?? well, justin established that she was just crazy and that was that, the ones who actually come to class are great. BUT... now she is stirring up trouble again and apparently looking at other institutes, but didn't tell us, and left it to the actually good students to sheepishly pass this info on. Meanwhile the students dont know whats up so they arent really coming to class, and i am wasting my time. Were most likely going to just cut our losses and get me a normal morning class. It's always something. My new classes are great though... a 5 year old boy who is supercute and an advanced adult group, which usually devolves into a heated political debate halfway through class.

In non-work related news, we are officially the House of Rebeccas!! Now that Sara is leaving to travel, we need a new 3rd roommate. And my good friend and fellow teacher Becky has stepped up to the challenge! I'm pretty excited, although I think we are in a serious need of nicknames. I better get home before another busy week. Two more days at Jezreel (more praying and my 3rd time watching The March of the Penguins...)plus evening classes, and then on Wednesday night I am OUTTA here! It's been a while since I was out of Quito (international travel notwithstanding) and the Easter holidays are coming up so we will be heading off to the beach again. Cross our fingers we can actually go to Canoa this time... if not there, somewhere else where we can RELAX. I have to finish harry potter after all!

Ooh, I almost forgot. PICTURES!!!! I posted a whole slew of pictures from my visit home!


  1. When I click on the pictures link, I get this error message on the Fotki page: Path Not Found

    Maybe, there is error in link or link is outdated.

    If you believe this is error don't hesitate to contact us.

    What happened?

  2. if kelsey and i were to each create a personal hell for the other, i think the sum of the activities would include praying and multiple viewings of march of the penguins. probably easy to figure out whose hell each would be.

    ps i get an error link, too, when i try to look at your pics.

  3. I too get an error message when I try to see your photos. Wtf? What kind of response time is that? What has happened to our fair heroine, formerly known as Ms. Posts-A-Lot McFastipants? I liked her better than this new incarnation of Ms. Neverposts McPsychsyewout. Ms. McPsychsyewout makes me cry. Granted, it's Monday morning and I'm at work, so I'm feeling a little emotional anyway, but still. There used to be some things you could count on in this world...

  4. HUH, I missed the last sentence link, so I went directly to the Fotki pictures link in the upper right, and then to the latest of the postings. Missed out on the confusion entirely. HUH.

  5. link is working for me no problem! maybe it was a temporary thing? if its still not working do as my dad did and go through the fotki link on the right... sorry to disappoint!!

  6. I didn't have a problem viewing the pictures either. But I'm pretty sure that was due to our psychic blog connection, which allows Rebecca and I to follow each other's hyperlinks through ESP. I am now posting this comment using only my mind. Isn't the internet incredible?

  7. I've had no problem viewing the pictures through the link, sidebar, or deja vu. N

  8. pics work now. i am nostalgic for march!