Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well I'm back from the beach... canoa definitely lived up to its reputation as the best beach around. Even at a holiday time the beach was practically empty compared to, say, atacames. The beach itself is reeally nice and totally clean, the water is warm.. The weather was PERFECT... sunny the whole time, but still breezy in the shade. and perfect sunsets. We lucked out and got spots in the best hostel, right on the beach, with great food, hammocks, a nice place to chill. You pretty much put everything on your tab there... for 3 nights, most of my breakfast lunches and dinners, and drinks, my total came to... $35!! Including bus fares and all my other expenses, my 3 day beach vacation cost me about $65. And I got a tan again :) Not that any of my ecuadorian students believed me... i'm too white to begin with. We also climbed up to the bat cave, saw a boobie (a bird usually in the galapagos), and had a teen movie worthy bonfire on the beach one night. We REALLY didn't want to come back to work in Quito, but we thought Justin might be a tad upset if 3/8 of his staff called in an extended vacation... My lucky dad is definitely getting dragged back to canoa before he goes home though. The only downside is the crappy bus ride... on the way there i enjoyed 9 hours of being squished by a man with a container of chickens, who i immediately missed when he was replaced (around 4 in the morning) by a very drunk man who alternated between yelling at the driver and hitting on me and becky. the way back was a speedy 7 hours, hampered only by TWO stops for drug checks. nothing like waking up in the middle of the night in the middle of NOWHERE and being frisked by uniniformed being of dubious authority.

the other highlight of semana santa - lots of fanesca (the traditional lenten soup they are really obsessed with here... if i have to hear one more time about how it has 12 grains and how every woman's fanesca is the best...), which is conveniently vegetarian (usually served with fish but many people prefer it without) and conveniently served with rice pudding. yum...

well i've got songs to sing, an apartment to clean, and a class to teach before i meet my dad at the airport!! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, though I'm sure it wasn't as tropically relaxing as mine :)


  1. With such a fabulous life, you obviously need no supportive comments from your faithful blog readers! Write more about how much you miss us. :)

  2. Yay father-daughter travel fun! With all the talk of rice pudding and fanesca... Ecuador is all the more tempting. (Who's travelling isn't influenced by traditional hot porridges??)

    Today my Spanish daily calendar taught me "Quien se comio todas las galletas?" What a practical question! xoxo

  3. thanks for the supportive messages anyway, my life isn't fabulous all the time! thoguh the weather in quito has been BEAUTIFUL...