Monday, May 22, 2006

entering my subconscious...

Since I never remember my dreams, and when i do they're never meaningful, i feel the need to share my dream from my late morning nap. (Yes, i finally got a new morning class after the first replacement one never showed... a block away from my old oil company class. and since this one officially doesn't start until 7:15, i can follow the same schedule and actually be on time! very exciting. of course, this guy is an avid traveler, so i'm looking forward to lots of cancellations, boh...) Anyway, so in my dream i'm riding a bus with a nondescript student of mine. he asks to me to tell him where we are, and "i say the bus is going south on... " and here i'm ready to say "10 de agosto" or whatever, when instead i say we're going south on... "oak park avenue in oak park." (except it is in fact jackson ave in oak park, which you can tell because we in fact we are passing the block my house is on...) And even in the dream i know this is quite odd becuase we got on the bus in quito, and oak park is in another country entirely. But i go with it, and soon enough we pass a fabulous american style mall with whole foods and all my favorite stores. so i get off and meet up with my dad who is eating his lunch as usual at wf. but i'm especially intrigued by the food place selling ONLY grilled maduros, my favorite thing ever in ecuador, and they have all kinds of flavors. i was about to try the smore version (come on, who could resist a plantain covered in marshmallow and chocolate and stuffed with a graham cracker filling...) when i woke up! damn alarm clock. i may have to create the s'more maduro in real life, though i'm not sure it will live up to my dream craving. i'll let you know.


  1. chefs who time-warp while inventing whole new cuisine strands. extra-terrritorial! And I do still eat often there.

  2. Please pardon my neglect. I've had so much work that I haven't visited for ages. I had to start all the way at the bottom, and actually go back one to catch up. I think I'm up to speed now: you've been vacationing and dreaming about food, and Ecuadorians are protesting (with some success!), while KT is about to join the Board of Stickin it to the Man and R ruined her jeans while overachieving with firewood. I know I'm glossing over some of the finer points...


  3. Rebecca, I tried to duplicate the grilled maduros (whhich I did buy at WF) with crumbled Chihuahua cheese, but it just wasn't the same...

    However I have found listings for THREE Ecuadorian groceries in Chicago and plan to visit in search of maduros and chochos!

    Keep dreaming.

  4. No board of Stickin it to anyone for me... apparently they found some more willing/qualified (read: willing and not grossly underqualified) candidates. However, no sooner had I dodged that bullet than I got offered the opportunity to get a free 10-month Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Austin Community College starting next August, and it may be too good an opportunity to pass up. Have I mentioned lately that my favorite hobby is spending 12 hours reading in my pajamas? Clearly I've been making some wrong lifestyle changes along the way...