Monday, May 15, 2006


(just a little belatedly... my day yesterday was rather occupied by traveling so my mother's day related well-wishing was unavoidably postponed.)

In addition to mother's day i seem to have missed out on all the standard depressing headlines. I had to hear about Bush announcing his immigration plan from our taxi driver last night. After inquiring about Becky's maternal status (but not mine, fortunately. this is why i let becky do the small talk with taxi drivers.) he was telling us about his daughter and son-in-law, who he just visted in new york where they are two of the innumerable undocumented immigrants. came on a tourist visa and stayed. So he said he would be watching tonight. Guess I better too!

and so reprimanded for my inattention to the news, i checked out google news this morning and found out that by living in quito i am missing out on massive new england flooding (everyone high and dry??) and volcanic emissions in yogyakarta, indonesia (hey you would count your blessings too if you lived ON a volcano and within range of several others.) Apparently I am also missing out on freak texas storms and cockroaches. Quito is looking better and better every day.

anyway, after weeks of hurried posting, why am i lingering over climate related news stories? Because my brand new 7 am class was a no show and the internet is soooo fast here when the building is still empty! it's quite exciting. i was lamenting our lack of paid vacation to becky on our LOOOONG bus ride back from the beach yesterday, but technically I am getting paid as we speak so I will lament a bit less. By the way, Canoa was just as lovely as it was a month ago, despite being cloudy the second day. which prevented us from swimming, but it was quite nice to lie right out on the beach without taking any shelter. I read another book, took a nap in a hammock, and enjoyed happy hour with becky and my dad. And despite the length of the bus ride, taking the ferry to/from Bahía was DEFINITELY worth it. no chickens, drunk guys or regeton on the first class bus that goes through there. just giant reclining seats, a working bathroom, and air conditioning. ahh...

so today marks the end of my dad's sojourn in ecuador! i'm sure he can't wait to get back to his leather-seated xm radio sprorting personal vehicle, and if he ever took a bus again it would be too soon. But since my evening class is on a break, at least I can send him off in style, perhaps at one of the argentinian steakhouses (since he's been putting up with a highly vegetarian diet, supplemented by seco de pollo or pescado now and again.) First I have choir and last minute items to be purchased at the market and sent home for my mom. Oh yeah, and one more class in there. I am still "working" after all.


  1. What a daughter! Leads tours for impressionable foreigners, finds Hotel Bambú across the bay, and down the country road. Knows the happy hours for all the local Canoan bars (alright, so they are all visible from the same table) Locates cornbread in the middle of potato country. Rides horses and pickup trucks. Wow!

  2. Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

  3. Thanks for the endorsement dad... glad to hear you got home safe. sorry about the sticker shock on bananas and taxis upon your return. Ecuador does some things right!