Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I saw an elsebound train / on the overpass / in the driving rain...

Okay, Rebecca has once again guilted me into posting. But only a little.

April in cliff notes:

- Richard and I, along with our houseguest and assorted other pals, enjoyed two fabulous days of singing in McMahan (which you'd better pronounce "MACK-man" if you want the old man at the gas station to understand you when you ask for directions) out in the country. What a GOOD convention.

- R and I managed to finagle ourselves wedding invitations! No actual finagling was required, but we somehow get to attend my co-worker's wedding in ten days. We're so proud of ourselves.

- We got to entertain our first and second out-of-town visitors in April... first my mother came and spoiled us silly by buying us tasty dinners and giving us excuses to take off from work and have a great time traipsing around San Antonio... and then we got Jenna! The house feels a little empty these days. Maybe we should get a dog. Or carry on the tradition of the previous tenant by buying ourselves a 150-pound potbellied pig to brighten our long, lonely days.

- I was a big winner at my first silent auction! We went to the Lilith Fund's Reproductive Equity Awards (guess whose place of employment was responsible for those invitations...) and I got me 2 months of karate lessons for $75! If Jackie Chan were a white girl who learned martial arts by making a charitable donation to an abortion fund for low-income women, I would so be the next him.

Other points of interest: Texas is hot; I'm now on the Steering Committee of my anti-Bush organization so I get to boss around everyone else in the group; we finally got Texas license plates which we're a little too excited about (unnaturally high levels of pride regarding such things as state license plates just SMACKS of Texan-ness... and Richard is going COWBOY BOOT SHOPPING with Bill sometime soon... god help us); we got our Kerrville Folk Festival tickets; and I should be asleep right now. Okay, I'm leaving.




  1. so you won the lessons! mazel tov. i am jealous of richard's boot outing; my collective friendcrush knows no bounds.

  2. ooh! Speaking of mr chan, we were treated to a spanish dubbed oldish jackie chan movie on the bus from tena. i don't remember the title, but it involved a very dubious scientific development that some evil germans were trying to steal from the top secret military people ncluding jc and he narrowly avoids a fiery helicopter crash by falling out and being rescued by some natives in south africa. ensue amnesia, ensue lots of people trying to kill him, ensue lots of fighting, the end. all around a quality bus movie. definitely beat under siege 2 or the xxx movie with ice cube, the only other bus movies ive seen here. how come my comments always seem to involve bad movies i've seen lately... i mean, go singing and cowboy boots!! i assume those are links to pictures which i will look at some time when i'm not on the worlds slowest and most expensive internet connection (through satellite at the black sheep inn!) its really beautiful here, my new alpaca sweater is keeping me warm in the cold paramo nights, and i really really enjoy being on vacation!

  3. Hey - I randomly found your blog and got all excited because my boyfriend and I both went to Wes and live in Austin too! You look super familiar and I think we were in the same class (04) and I think Richard and I lived in the same dorm freshman year. Anyway, we've been here since August and are always looking for new friends (familiar people are a bonus). Umm let me know if you want to meet up - I can't find an email for you on your site...

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  5. Yay, alpaca!!
    So I hardly ever have any insightful or even mildly interesting comments for you all, but hell, ALPACA deserves a shout out!

  6. you should come to ecuador... alpaca is a dime a dozen here!