Thursday, May 11, 2006

mental vacation

Well my mom is gone and my vacation is over! (at least in theory, see below...) We had an action packed week since I last posted... we had a reeeally lovely stay at the black sheep inn, with such highlights as a 5 hour horseback rise to a cheese factory (yes, i bought a very large round of cheese.), family style vegetarian dinners, and wood stoves in our cabin. The northern half of the latacunga loop is infintely more rustic and undeveloped. Which was very nice except for the horribly jarring 4 hour bus ride... on the way out we definitely took the southern route, by way of quilotoa. i was all prepared for another mass of clouds to ruin the view like last time, but we were blessed with one of the sunniest days in a while! it was gooorgeous. we had to ride in the back of a pick up to get there, since the bus only runs at non-vacation friendly times like 3 am, but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful views ever. I took about a million pictures, none of which really capture the experience of having the lush andean mountainside rush past on a sunny morning. we even got to stop quickly in latacunga before catching a bus back to quito, so i got more real cornbread and allillas (corn and goat cheese fritters... mmmm... greeeeeeeeasy...) Then we hopped up to mindo the next day where we hid from the rain, ate more good vegetarian food, and i read another entire book. then we got up at 6 am to go birdwatching, to happily sunny skies. the ungodly hour was fortunately worth it, as we saw all kinds of cool stuff like toucans and woodpeckers and wild turkeys.

then i made a nice show of coming back to work this week... i had taken off tuesday and i'm down to two classes as it is, so i've put in about 6 hours of teaching this week. and after my evening class it's off to the beach again! I know i know, it's getting ridiculous. I even bought a new bathing suit today. sadly next week's prospects for work aren't much better... my evening class is finishing it's ten week course and taking a TWO WEEK break, yuck. So unless my boss comes up with some new classes quickly i'm down to 6 hours a week!! i'm pretty much just writing off may at this point. But, it turns out Cayanne is leaving a bit early so I will get to cover her last few weeks at the crazy christian school... i'm not saying no to steady work!!

and hey, i complain, but really it's pretty damn nice to wake up at 10 and watch romeo + juliet on dvd and take a leisurely shower and go shopping at the mall all before work. a girl could get used to this.


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  3. ooh, the return of blogspam! how you were missed... also, note that i am eating my words about my luxurious mornings of no work, as it is currently 7:27 am and i am at work waiting on my new morning class (theoretically at 7 am). at least becky has a class here at the same time so we can be morning buddies.