Sunday, May 07, 2006


After 36 exciting hours sans electricity, the comforting hum of the refrigerator is back to normal, and we're once again able to entertain ourselves without resorting to watching "Mission: Impossible III" IN THE THEATERS. Yes, I paid good money to watch Tom Cruise be a bad actor, again. I'm so ashamed. (Actually, it was pretty enjoyable, as far as poor movies go. Except for a.) the headache, which I had going into the theater and was only exacerbated by the flashing lights and mimosa I somehow decided would make me feel better, and b.) the nausea, which was caused by the migraine and only exacerbated by the 6 pounds of popcorn we each consumed. At the Alamo Drafthouse, a large popcorn is large. For real. Don't order it unless you plan to share it among 14 people.)

We had 3 nights of wacky, wild lightning storms (with more on the way)... the first night was truly a tempest, with pelting hail, booming thunder, and winds that sent one of the trees in our yard crashing down on the neighboring lot - which, fortunately, still consists of only a concrete slab, so no injuries were sustained. (Click here for a comical shot Richard managed to capture of the Ozarka water bottle, abandoned by one of the construction workers the day before, which remained unscathed by the storm in spite of the powerful winds that felled the 30-foot tree directly beside it.) Our landlord is out of town for a month and didn't return our call after we made the dreadful realization that the tree, having sprung from the loins of OUR yard, would be OUR responsibility. Damn. Fortunately, the tree-removal people were too busy running all over town cleaning up trees to get to us before Richard realized we could save $560 if he rented a chainsaw himself and we piled the brush in our yard. So that's what we did. Richard chainsawed the tree to bits, I contributed my tiny part by throwing the lighter pieces over the fence, and now our yard is literally filled with five to six foot tall heaps of branches and logs and leaves. They're still green, so it's actually kind of attractive and jungly. (It reminds me of that part in "Finn Family Moomintroll" when they unwittingly grow a jungle in their house and spend a fabulous day hiding under plants and swinging on vines. I keep wanting to crawl in the piles of brush and make a fort.)

But enough about storms. We have plenty of other exciting news to share, such as the fact that we found really really good deals on Southwest, and will be combining our two theoretical vacations, to L.A. and to WMass, into one supervacation! The last week of June we'll be in Los Angeles (with a day in San Diego to take advantage of the Radiohead tickets that Richard just purchased), and that Thursday we'll be moseying over to Massachusetts to sing and socialize. None of our L.A. friends know we're coming - neither, for that matter, do any of our employers - but that didn't stop us from foolhardily purchasing tickets last night. Really, anything that will take us out of Texas in July has to be a good idea, no matter how poorly-thought-through.

We're off to work now - Richard has a regular shift today and I'm putting in some extra hours - so I'll bid you all adieu. Happy Sunday!




  1. Hooray!!! <3B

  2. DID YOU GET MY EMAIL!?!?! reaction please!!!

  3. Yay! Less than 2 months and counting!

    Are you sure you were responsible for that tree? You RENT, for crying out loud! It's not YOUR house or YOUR tree. I'm pretty sure that would have been your landlord's responsibility. You guys are like, the best tenants ever. Shelly's lucky if we shovel our front steps in the winter! :)

  4. i agree, you could be tree slackers. make your landlord pay you $560. and you're going to PVAD!! after this weekend i have to crack down and work my ass off until august so i can affort to travel in peru and bolivia. hmm, when i put it that way i probably shouldn't be jealous of your trip to western mass, but i still am. so there! I did however get a an entertaining recipe postcard from texas from Nancy today! that's almost as good right... right??? ok this comment is turning into a mini post. I would make a real post but i have to go WORK now... ew.... love you all and more tomorrow!!

  5. We would've been happy to let our landlord take care of it had he not decided to take off for a month to work in west texas with spotty cell phone reception.