Saturday, May 13, 2006

Weekend in May

Addendum to the tree adventure: While chainsawing on Sunday, Richard got a gash in the leg of his jeans from a rusty nail sticking out of the concrete slab next door. But lo and behold, fortune is smiling upon this young upstart, because he later discover that his jeans are fine, and that he's actually torn a gash in MY jeans, which he'd accidentally donned. What kind of gentleman puts on a lady's jeans and doesn't realize they're not his own?!?!?! I ask you. At any rate, I have now been commissioned to repair not his jeans but mine. Good times.

Bill & Quincy are hosting a dominoes tournament/squirrel fry this evening. (Bill promised there would be no actual squirrel served, though I may have to bring my own veggie burgers just in case...) Speaking of veggie burgers, I invented a highly tasty variety consisting of mashed chickpeas/black beans/pinto beans, chopped fresh spinach, eggs, ground flaxseed, and whole wheat flour fried in olive oil. More spices than salt and pepper were definitely needed, but as a first attempt they weren't half bad. (Oh man, I have definitely been reading too much Vegan Lunch Box.)

My co-worker's wedding is tomorrow, and we somehow managed to get all the clothes we need from the Goodwill down the block. We're very impressed with ourselves. I should still probably be a good adult and go buy some matching jewelry today... but I'll have you know that I was already a good adult and even got me a PURSE that matches my dress... isn't that enough??? At least I don't have to wear pantyhose...

Other than that, it's a sleepy nondescript Saturday morning... Richard's at work, the builders are nail-gunning next door, the weather's been extremely pleasant all week, we can't figure out if we have a cockroach infestation or if we've just been finding a normal amount of cockroaches for a Texas household, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to take the bus to the farmer's market this morning. Stay tuned for all this and more when next I get around to posting!

Hope you're all well...


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