Saturday, June 24, 2006

Greetings from sunny Quito, for once!

And so ends another week. This month is FLYING by... i can't believe that in less than 5 months i'll be back in chicago! In the winter... ok let's not think that far ahead. I'm done with 2/3 weeks at Jezreel, which despite having my classes preempted for such important reasons as running laps or other teacher's exams, and the unwanted flirting from various male coworkers, has been a good time. The kids' open house presentations are coming along, and i only had to write one of the three scripts (a rather ridiculous adaptation of the tell-tale heart, mr poe will probably be rolling in his grave next friday).

Other developments: the triumvarate of Rebeccas is safely reinstituted and the weather is sunny and beautiful again... today we cooked and stuffed ourselves at brunch at John's place, and then sunned ourselves on the roof with an exceptionally clear sky and view of Cotopaxi. Also, i discovered a new dvd place and have been stocking up on such quality shows as Roswell, Seinfeld and Friends. I may never have to leave the house again. Any requests? They have a lot of shows like Alias, CSI, OC, Simpsons, etc etc. They run $2 per disk and seasons usually have between 3-6 discs.

Of course tomorrow is the Ecuador-Inglaterra game!! We'll be hitting up the yummy pizza place with a big screen tv to watch tomorrow morning. Nothing like drinking Pilsener at 10 am on Sunday. England is certainly favored to win, but hopefully La Tri can at least give them a good run for their money. Since the US didn't even make it past the first round you're free to support Ecuador now! Si se puede!

I'll leave you with some photographic treats. Since I don't have a camera of my own any more, I've taken to stealing my friends' photos.
Check out Berry's pics. Featuring Becky crashing the breakfast at FARO (where Rebecca works and she and Rachel are interning) for one of the Mundial games, our pancake dinner, our night out at the tapas restaurant, and some beautiful scenery. You have to sign in to kodak but it's free.
Check out Briana's puppies!!!! (All looking for good homes...) Could they BE any cuter??


  1. Rebecca, if you can find me a DVD of all the Godfather movies and/or The Insider (Russell Crowe), I want them!

    My condolences on Ecuador's loss today. Hope you had fun watching anyway.


  2. I actually saw a little bit of the game--during the first half, when it was tied at zero. Ah, well. They certainly did not get slaughtered.