Sunday, June 25, 2006

How did we get to Los Angeles?

Nothing like a trip to hot, smoggy Los Angeles to make you realize just how much you can't wait to live in a place that's not Texas. At least between May and October. Yesterday evening we stepped out of the airport and began uncontrollably shivering in the 80-degree weather (it was the most beautiful sensation). Really, this is cooler air than we've felt in months... pathetic, no?

We landed in LAX last night, were graciously picked up by Lelah (fellow former Wesleyanite), and were chauffered to the home of Adam (also former Wesleyanite... actually, there's no one we came here to visit who we DON'T know from college), which Lelah aptly described as the set of an Italian opera. Like for real. Stucco archways, red tile roof, old-fashioned tall wooden gate, tropical flowers, faux-waterfall out the kitchen window, the works. None of us know exactly what Adam does for a living, but damned if he doesn't do it in style... whatever it is...

We were joined by Dylan, Lelah's boyfriend and my fellow taker-of-college-French-who-now-lives-in-a-place-where-people-only-speak-Spanish, and we ate Japanese food and drove past lots of famous things and then went back to Lelah & Dylan's place to spend the night. (In addition to being two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, they have, incidentally, an adorable townhouse apartment... if you ever get the opportunity to invite yourself over, I highly recommend you do it.) This is the world that our friends live in: Dylan is an editor for the Late Late Show and Lelah got to chat with Paul McCartney several months ago when he came to her store to get the vegan sorbet. Clearly R&I need to take our banjos and suitcases and ride the top of our car back to the hills where we belong. This morning Lelah drove us to the swank patisserie where she works (Mom, if you could have only seen it... you would swoon over those displays of chocolates. We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside the store because we might post them on the internet and then Russian spies would get ahold of them and somehow take over the world - but if we had been allowed, I would have taken some to frame for you. Really, the chocolates were that gorgeous.) Lelah let us sample their ice creams and sorbets - lemon basil, raspberry mint, Tahitian vanilla, ginger caramel - which were possibly the most delicious foods on earth, and I've eaten at Felidia, so I should know.

We walked around some, went to the Farmer's Market, and then met up with Nathan (by which I mean he made the hour-and-a-half round trip from his house just to pick us up, because he's a wonderful Christian like that), our superviser from our days of working at the Career Resource Center. I hadn't seen him since the summer of ought-two, and it was SO good to spend time with him and his 2-year-old daughter, who he's trained so well that she now says "Bo-no" every time a U2 song comes on. (I'm serious; we saw it in action. Apparently she can also identify all of the members of U2 by name, AND she knows how to make the Darth Vader audible breathing sound upon command. In addition to being able to open up a DVD player, insert her DVD of choice, close it, and press "Play." Truly a Los Angeles baby for the new millenium. Maybe it comes from starring in all those Quiznos commercials at such a tender age.) Nathan is awesome, Ellie is awesome, we ate In-N-Out burgers for the first time (well, I ate the fries), and it was a thoroughly A+ afternoon.

Now we're being lazy at Lelah & Dylan's while they're out eating with Dylan's uncle. We've got to get in our lazing while we can, what with our busy upcoming schedule: an overnight in San Diego to see a Radiohead concert, 11pm tickets to "Superman" on Wednesday night followed by a 6:45am departure from LAX, and before we know it we'll be in yet another state with yet more time and climate changes to adjust to. It's busy stuff, this vacationing.


  1. I'm speechless! (Not just the chocolates and the sorbet flavors, but everything; thanks for the beautiful descriptions) I REALLY hope you get to sleep on the know that crankiness thing. See you Thursday! Mo

  2. Radiohead? Yuck! Looks like Rebecca's just been promoted to least lame on this blog.

  3. Your brother's just jealous because when you come home, you're going to spend all of your time singing (with me), and then leave. Poor thing will be lucky to get a hug.

    See you really freakin' soon!


  4. OH MY GOD I AM DYING OF JEALOUSY. You are not allowed to visit all of those wonderful people and do those wonderful things without me. My only consolation is that I will soon be moving to california and will be even closer to la and such than you!! and rebecca (current roommate) says she will be in la "until she dies", so there you go. Now please just don't tell me about going to PVAD and I might not cry.

  5. PS thanks dan, thst's the best compliment ever