Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just a teaser

Went to Kerrville, spent 48 hours with hundreds of cheerful hippies on a ranch in central Texas, got back, got re-eaten by the No Time Monster, sat down to post an incomplete run-on sentence in the guise of an actual blog entry. That covers the past week, at least. Recent things of note: I completed another year in my book of books (the blank book in which I ever so nerdily record every book I've read... this year's total was 65, although it was really only about 55-60 if you don't count the books I'd already read or the ones that were short enough to be read in an hour or less); I attended my first show at the infamous Cactus Cafe; I managed to kill yet another houseplant; our landlord affixed something to the bottom of our front door so the daylight no longer shines through; the behemoth duplex next door developed walls, a roof, and siding; and peaches came into season. Apart from that, it's just same old same old. R and I are gearing up for our LA-WMass extravaganza... only two and a half weeks till departure! I'm now being mocked by R for spending 10 minutes on the 1 sentence I assured him was all I was going to post. So, for the sake of my dignity, this post is now over, effective as of the end of this sentence.



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  1. i can't wait to give her the card! I CAN'T WAIT TO GIVE HER THE CARD!!!!