Sunday, June 11, 2006

"La Tri... unidos por la pasion!"

(Ay, I'm excited about La Tri too, but if I have to keep hearing that slogan every 2 minutes when I watch TV, I may have to start supporting Iran or something.)

So, obviously I didn’t have a chance to update pics last Sunday... we ended up having a girls day out with our latest roommate. (Don’t worry, the 3rd Rebecca, popularly known as “LA Rebecca,” will be back in July. Meanwhile we have two subletters, college students who are interning at FARO, the thinktanky place she work at.) We hit up the market in El Ejido, internet and lunch in the mariscal (mom and dad – we were the only people at the mango tree again!!) followed by shopping at quicentro. Almost entirely window-shopping... I did however buy a sweater, matzo and tofu (the grocery store in the fancy mall is good for american luxuries.)

But, I have posted some pics from the beginning of my parents’ trip, mostly of the teleferiqo. Enjoy!!

Choir update: Our concert last friday was fun... not a whole lot of people, but a cool place to sing in nonethless. nothing like million foot high ceilinged cathedral to make anything you sing sound heavenly. And the religious order at the basilica, the sponsors of the concert, were really serious... apparently its the first annual festival of something or other and they want to make it a big deal. They were recording it professionally for a dvd and everything. And they blessed Eugenio (literally) for his work in arranging and promoting ecuadorian music. And they gave us a free postcard and served us cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate. And a columbian choir gave us a free keychain. And we actually got to sit and watch some of the other choirs instead of hiding backstage, So, good times all around. Now we’re finally prepping some new songs for the upcoming university choral festival in july. We’re also dusting off “Ride the Chariot” (well its new to some of us, including me...) for which I get to be resident English pronunciation and spiritual style expert...

Work update: My morning student and narc student are still good, but I on monday i am about to abandon them for 3 weeks as I embark on my new career as Ms. Rebecca, crazy christian school teacher! It will be a busy (and presumably profitable) time, as I teach full days at the school followed by my afternoon and evening class.

La Tri update: I’m happy to say that Ecuador kicked some Polaco ass on Friday!!! (Probably mostly due to Jennie and Jenna’s support!) I haven’t watched soccer in a good while, but it was a pretty exciting game, with Ecuador dominating most of the time. Isn’t it funny how all the players are big afro-ecuatorianos from the coast?? it’s a huge stereotype here but clearly very accurate. We don’t have much hope for the game against Germany, but hopefully we can take Costa Rica and maybe even advance to the next round!! Remind me to always spend the world cup in a country where everyone cares about soccer (um, pretty much anywhere outside of the us)! 2002 I was in Italy, and if I recall correctly Richard and I were in London on the day Brazil won it all. Check out the special Mundial section in El Comercio. Actually since a week ago it's been pretty difficult to find any news that ISN'T about the mundial!

Party update: I watched the game at work with all the other english teachers and ecuadorians who work at the experiment, and the festivities kind of got combined with a going away party for Jody and Cayanne, who are leaving on Thursday! They also hosted a pretty fabulous party at their house later in the evening. Nothing too big, just us from work and loooots of alcohol and dancing etc. More stories that are inappropriate for the blog... ahem... Unfortunately, the excellent time, and possibly Jody and Cayanne’s memory of their whole year here, was ruined. Someone stole my camera, which was bad enough, but it looks like they also stole her engagement ring!!!! The whole time we’ve been in ecuador, worrying about being robbed on the street or in a bus or whatnot, and it happens in their apartment with just our friends and workmates!! We were pretty appalled. It’s possibly we can track down who did it, but it’s just horrible to have to accuse people we work with. The upside is I still have all the pictures downloaded on my computer, and I even still have pictures of the party that Becky took, but as if I didn’t have enough on my to buy list already, i have to add a new camera! Of course, in the scheme of things it’s easily replaceable, and I’m mostly upset on J and C’s behalf and by the fact that I can’t trust people at work anymore :(


  1. re: futbol madness... in 02 i was in ireland. my host dad would get up at all hours of the night to watch the matches live. ireland qualified that year, which was awesome, but once they got eliminated pretty much you had root for anyone but england. when brasil won there was mad celebrating in the streets of dublin all night long! it was hilarious and awesome.

  2. One world cup year long ago and far away, I had done the night train into Salonika , and while waiting in the hotel lobby for my room I fell asleep, only to waken hours later surrounded by cheering greeks watching their team win, The ugly american had the best seat and had slept through it all.