Thursday, June 15, 2006

¡Si se pudo!

Well if you have to work a a crazy christian school, i highly recommend doing it in ecuador during the world cup. ecuador played costa rica at 8 am which means every business and school either had a holiday or celebrated watching the game together. In Jezreel the kids were supposed to leave in the morning for a retreat (except my 7th graders, so it would have been business as usual for me), but they pushed it back and we all watched the game together in the aduitorium. Nothing like several hundred kids screaming to get your adrenaline going! Plus it was a pretty damn exciting game in its own right. Ecuador had its second straight shut out, kicking some tico ass this time 3-0. This means that for the first time ever they will qualify for the second round, and if they even tie with germany in the last game next week they will finish at the top of their group! I'm know, I'm sure you all are asking, since when do YOU care about soccer? Well, in addition to it being the only sport i actually ever played, ecuadorians are pretty damn proud of themselves right now, and it's a really exciting time. making history and all that for this little country. Even the BBC says so.

(Not to downplay the importance of the previous announcement by discussing food, AHEM katie, but I was also pretty happy with my sandwich today, thanks to cayanne's generous grocery donation: cream cheese and cucumber. yum.)


  1. Glad you're getting into the football/soccer for this year's World Cup! Despite the fact I come from a football nation, I don't normally care so much about it as I seem to this year! I've been very impressed with Ecuador... There's a high possibility they might meet England in the next round and I think we should be worried as we are playing pretty badly and Ecuador are on fire! I think I'll have split loyalties if that clash occurs and will probably get beaten til I'm black and blue in the local pub if I accidently cheer if, or let's face it WHEN Ecuador score against us! (jennafaith is right... not just the Irish, but also the Scottish, the Welsh and the French will all be ecstatic if Ecuador knocked us out... oh how we are loved by our neighbours!)

    I can picture the chivas and hear the horns! do do do doo doo.

    What will I choose? 'Come on England' or 'Si se puede'... I dunno, it's exciting.

  2. ... Jennie again. Keep forgetting to add my name.

  3. Can't believe that about Cayanne's engagement ring. It can't imagine it could have been anyone from work but must be a bit difficult to know who to trust after that.

    I seem to be taking over this page. I will go now.

  4. Yeah we're looking forward to a possible ecuador england matchup, though we should probably worry about matt getting into even more brawls in the mariscal. ooh, I also just bought mundial socks which is particularly exciting. They came in a three pack: Ecuador, Brasil and Alemania 2006. Can't wait until tuesday to wear them. "Que venga Alemania!" (or "bring on Germany", for you silly non-spanish speakers.)