Friday, June 09, 2006

Si se puede!

No pics yet, but 2 special announcements today:

Felicidades to Natalia on this, the day of her graduation from the U of Chicago LAW SCHOOL!!!!

Buena suerte to La Tri, the Ecuadorian soccer team, who are making their debut in the Mundial Alemania 2006 in just one hour! It's pretty much a national holiday here.


  1. I just saw that match. You know it was a goodun when you weren't in the slightest bit bored throughout the whole 90 minutes. (I'm no big football fan but enjoyed that). Actually, I've managed to get everyone I know supporting Ecuador as a second team. i think I care more about their progress than England's. It's Ecuador's second time in the 'mundials' but it will be a first if they get through this round. ... What has happened to me... God!

  2. Jennie by the way

  3. we watched last night with jan-erik and allison and i was the only one rooting for ecuador. i got all excited when the fans were chanting .
    "si se puede" because i recognized it from your post! woohoo. it was AWESOME. i hope you partied well last night.