Sunday, July 16, 2006


This bicentennial blog entry (that's right, #200 already) is dedicated to new parents Matt and Rosie!! I just got your announcement and I couldn't be more happy for you guys!! I can't wait to come visit little Marian in person.

I can't help but feel that any news I have just can't top creating a human being, but here goes.

Our cat is being normal!!! She ate and drank and pooped and everything. And instead of just hiding, she's been nesting in both mine and becky's closet. And letting us pet her! She's really quite a sweetie. I put up a couple of pictures of little blanquita snuggling with my clothes.

The big choral festival went off really well!!! I can give an extended play by play to those of you fellow choir nerds who will actually appreciate it, but here are the highlights...
- Singing in the casa de la musica and the casa de la cultura ecuatoriana, probably the 2 fanciest and most important musical venues in quito. (Not so much the teatro universitario, which is nice for the audience but the backstage, well, doesn't even exist. It's literally plaster and stone... you could film the phantom of the opera down there.)
- Having 10, count em, 10 friends and colleagues come to my concerts! 7 of them on the last night! I think that's more at once than the total number of friends and family who have EVER come to my concerts in my 13 year singing career! My quito friends officially rock!
- The choir from Manabi (on the coast), who were dressed up in super traditional costumes and did big dance numbers with comic interludes and everything! They really put the U. Central choir to shame, who went on next and couldn't have been more boring and traditional, not to mention out of tune.
- The choir from Esmeraldas, which despite ostensibly being a college choir was mysteriously old! All the singers were middle-aged at least, and the director was 80 if he was a day! He hobbled onstage with his little old-man cap and everything. It was like someone took a normal college choir and aged them 30 years.

I added a couple pictures to the "coro" folder, one that becky took from the festival on fri night.

In other ecuadorian news, Tungurahua, the volcano outside Banos, has started seriously erupting. So far they've only had to evacuate a few people, but obviously the ash and everything is causing big problems for the city, and who knows if it will get more serious. Hopefully it won't destroy the city before I get to visit it...

I'm off to give some much needed domestic attention to the house, and make some walnut pesto. This week my schedule is jammm packed with classes, which is good for my wallet but not as much for my blogging time. I'll do my best. Hopefully by the time I resurface there will be more baby pictures!!


  1. Blanca es muy bonita! Nice name, too. Better start wearing light colored clothes!

  2. ha, the cat fell in my toilet today and scared herself. She's being all cute and curious like cats are supposed to be!

  3. Your kitty is so cute! I would be lying if I said she was cuter than Foster, but pretty darn close! Such eyes. AND...send my congrats to Matt and Rosie!